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Fasting Sunnah WIFE WITHOUT PERMISSION SUAMIIlmatul Mukarramach
Assalamualaikum wr wb
The religious teachers and cleric yai
Bener gk mengerjakah something good of his case spert fasting fasting mo wife sunnah.sang suamix permission required ?
klo suamix not home gmana ? jg what shall ask permission ? ANSWER
Saalam Wa’alaikum >>>
The sunnah fasting Haram wife without husband’s permission
This Kerahaman when possible Tamattu ‘ with being terdapah istrinya.jika no such obstacle to the husband to Wahti ‘ like ihrom or i’tikaaf then not haram.dan also supposing no impediment to his wife for example farji’nya clogged with flesh or bone , if weve stuck then his fast is not haram
Kerahamanya lies in teulang fasting and over again in the know as well as fast Monday kamis.berbeda arafat fasting sunnah and the sunnah fasting asyuro ‘ because they are rarely in a year and still keramanya.seperti ghosob.dan ground as prayers for her husband’s sin mewahti’nya and above his wife . Read the rest of this entry »

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