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Duha prayer

ImageDuha prayer is a sunnah prayer after sunrise until near the entrance Dhuhr time . Afdhalnya done in the morning when the sun is rising ( approximately 9:00 ) . Duha prayer is better known as the Sunnah prayers to invoke rizki of God , based on the hadith of the Prophet : ” Allah says : ” O son of Adam , do not ever you are lazy to do four cycles beginning at noon ( Duha prayer ) I will definitely inevitably ends meet your needs at the end of the day ” ( HR.Hakim and Thabrani ) . Read the rest of this entry »

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According Tayammum way Sunna of the Prophet

tayamum Tata Cara Tayamum Yang Benar Sesuai Tuntunan Rasulunderstanding Tayammum

Tayammum linguistic meaning as Al Qosdu ( القصد ) which means intention or aim or select . Allah says :

ولا تيمموا الخبيث منه تنفقون ولستم بآخذيه إلا أن تغمضوا فيه

“Do not bersengaja pick bad ones and then you spend it , when you yourself do not want to take it with eyes closed against him ” (Surat Al – Baqarah : 267 ) . Read the rest of this entry »

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