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Kyai Telingsing, Teacher Sunan Kudus

Kyai Telingsing , Teacher Sunan Kudus

Long before the establishment of the Islamic kingdom in Demak , there was a tumultuous events in the Holy area . The incident happened to Kanjeng Sunan Sungging . One day Kanjeng Sunan Sungging play kite tersiratlah his intention to see the region and around the archipelago . Then he began to propagate through the kite string that was floating in the sky . Kanjeng at Sunan Sungging up in the middle of the space , gave up the thread and hover him with the kite to get to China , supposedly up in Yunan region . Read the rest of this entry »

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Sunan Kudus, Preaching Peace The Guardian

Holy Society , who was still Hindus , flock to the mosque courtyard . They want to see , cows are decorated in a special way by Sunan Kudus ( Ja’far Shodiq ) .

After the crowded people gathered , Sunan Kudus started preaching . He called for the truth of Islam . See Sunan Kudus respect their animals Gentlemen , they also got interested to learn the teachings of Islam .

Start one by one person embracing Islam and even rollicking mass or declare themselves as Muslims . Read the rest of this entry »

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