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The Origin Story of Sunan Bonang

 The Origin Story of Sunan BonangBonangSunan history

Cerita Kisah Asal Usul Sunan Bonang - Wali songo

– Sunan Bonang was born in 1465 . He is the son of Sunan Ampel , roomates means also the grandson of Maulana Malik Ibrahim and his mother Nyai Ageng Manila . His first name is Raden Ibrahim Makdum . Bonang is a village in the district of Jepara . Read the rest of this entry »

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Story of Prophet Ibrahim a U.S.


abi Ibrahim is the son Aaazar ( Must to Go Historical ) Tahur bin bin bin Saruj Rau ‘bin Falij Aaabir bin bin bin Arfakhsyad Syalih bin Nuh ibn Saam He was born in a place called ” Faddam A’ram ” in the kingdom ” Babylon ” which at that time was ruled by a king named ” Nimrod bin Kan’aan . “
Kingdom of Babylon at that time including a prosperous kingdom , the people live happy , prosperous and all-sufficient in circumstances means that a growth in their life purposes . However, the level of their spiritual lives still at the level of ignorance ( ignorance ) . They do not know their Creator God who has given them all the worldly pleasures and happiness . Their offerings are the statues of their own carving stones or made ​​of mud and soil . Read the rest of this entry »

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Story of Prophet Ishaq ‘Alaihissalam

Prophet Ibrahim whom she had a son of his wife Sarah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kisah nabi ishaq
After God gave to Abraham Ismail ‘ peace be upon the Prophet Ibrahim prayed to Allah Almighty Subhaanahu that given the child of his wife , Sarah ; wife who is always faithful to her in enforcing kalimatullah . And God answered his prayer and sent some angels in human form to convey the good news to him will be the birth of a child from his wife Sarah . They also tell their other goals , namely gone to the people of Lut to inflict doom them . Read the rest of this entry »

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