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Sunan Kudus story – GreatSenopati of Demak Bintoro

This time the story wali songo sunan kudu tells the story , he is a great Senopati from Demak kingdom . when he served as Senopati , Majapahit conquered. To find out more about the holy Sunan , please refer to the story below :
Origin of Sunan Kudus

Sunan Kudus story

Cerita Sunan Kudus Although he was named Sunan holy , but actually not a native of the Holy . He Jipang Ponolan migrants from the region which is a region in north Blora . There, he was born and given the name Ja’far Shodiq . He was the son of Sunan Ngudung result of marriage ( Raden Usman Haji ) with Syarifah . Sunan Ngudung himself known as a powerful warlord . One day , he was killed in the war between Demak and Majapahit . After that his son, Ja’far Shodiq replace his father . Its main task is to conquer the kingdom of Majapahit to expand the powers of Demak .
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