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Shalat Tarawih

Shalat ini dinamakan tarawih yang artinya istirahat karena orang yang melakukan shalat tarawih beristirahat setelah melaksanakan shalat empat raka’at. Shalat tarawih termasuk qiyamul lail atau shalat malam. Akan tetapi shalat tarawih ini dikhususkan di bulan Ramadhan. Jadi, shalat tarawih ini adalah shalat malam yang dilakukan di bulan Ramadhan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maulana Malik Ibrahim is one of the ninth – Sunan Sunan . He was the son of Zainul Barebat Alam , purta of Jamaliddin Akbar Al Husain , the son of Imam Ahmad Shah . The birth of the country Campa Cambodia , then it is likely the mother of Maulana Malik Ibrahim is not the daughter of an Indian king who had given birth to two sons of men . But once Barebat likelihood Natural Zainul meninah again with the woman who gave birth Campa Maulana Malik Ibrahim .

After Maulana Malik Ibrahi adult , he was ordered by his father to spread the religion of Islam to the southern country . In the year 1379 AD Maulana Malik Ibrahim and his entourage departed and left coarse . In 1390 came to the land of Java is directly located in Gresik , East Java .
According to the book held by the caretaker of the tomb of Maulana Malik Ibrahim , in telling that the arrival of the group led by Ibrahim Malik Mailana to gresik in 801 H precisely in 1390 AD And that’s where open stores . And according to A. Wahib Tamin , propaganda troupe led by Maulana Malik Ibrahim was branggota didalanya 40 people and includes a messenger of the king mirror . Read the rest of this entry »

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Sunan Kalidjaga Expelled from the Duchy

Sunan Kalidjaga Expelled from the Duchy
Islamic story this time will tell you about one that the retainer Walisanga Sunan Kalidjaga .
Where’d he come up to become a guardian who greatly admired until now . Because the story is very long , it will be broken up into several post title .

Story .
Who Sunan Kalidjaga
Sunan Kalidjaga originally named Raden Said .
He is the son of Duke Tuban named Hero Wilatikta . Hero Wilatikta often called him Raden Sahur.Walaupun This includes Ranggalawe Hindu descent , but Raden Suhoor itself has entered Islam .

Since childhood, Raden Said was introduced to Islam by religious teachers Duchy of Tuban . but because of the circumstances surrounding the view that contradicts the lives of ordinary people , then Raden Said rebel soul .

Raden Said surge of youthful explosiveness as the practice of officers is seen when the Duchy of Tuban in time to collect taxes on residents or people je ; lata . Read the rest of this entry »

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