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Various Kinds of Impure

Various Kinds of Impure

Praise be to Allah , the Lord of hosts , so that He is the one who should diibadahi . Prayers and peace to our Prophet Muhammad , the family , the friends and the people who follow them well hinga end of time .

Definition of Impure

Unclean is something considered dirty by people who have survived tabi’at ( good ) and always keep away from him . When exposed to unclean clothes – like human feces and urine – it must be cleaned . [ 1 ]

Need to distinguish between the unclean and hadats . Sometimes we find the unclean body , clothes and place . While hadats especially those we find on the body . Unclean concrete shape , while the abstract hadats and shows the state of a person . When a person finishes having sex with wife ( read : jima ‘ ) , he is in a state of great hadats . When he farts , he was in a state of small hadats . While the clothes if exposed to urine , then it means exposed to unclean . Small hadats hadats removed by ablution and large with a shower . While unclean , unclean as long as it is lost , then it makes the object sacred . Hopefully we can distinguish between the unclean and the hadats . [ 2 ] Read the rest of this entry »

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