Nasuha repentance Repentance And How to Perform Prayer

27 Nov
taubat nasuha dan cara sholat taubatNasuha repentance Repentance and Prayer | For as much as a servant of sin , God ‘s forgiveness is wider . And in Islam widest door is the door of repentance . Allah will not forgive His weary to hambNya while believing that Allah is the only God is Most Forgiving servant .
Surely many of us who never committed a sin . Even the great sin . And in between we also , perhaps many who want to repent but do not know where to look for clues . How do I repent not know . Draw near with pious people , keep praying , and read the Koran .
nasuha repentance and prayer repentance wayAllah commanded us to repent constantly , as his word which means : ” O you who believe , repent to Allah with repentance truthfully ( nasuha ) . ” ( At- Tahrim : 8 . )

God has opened a door of hope to His servants : ” Say ; O My servants who exceeded the limits of themselves shall not despair of the mercy of God . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins . Verily He is Oft-Forgiving , Most Merciful . ” ( Az – Zumar : 53 )

People who really want to repent , repentance must be qualified :

1 . Sincere wish to repent
2 . Will not repeat that sin again
3 . Sorry for the actions that have been performed
4 . Must have determination in your heart that will not sin for ever
5 . Done before death arrives

If either condition is not met , then repentance is done it is not valid . If sin is related to another human , then added another condition , which should be able to rid themselves of the right of the person concerned. For example if it is in the form of property , must be returned . If the form of punishment , he must surrender please forgive. If it is in the form of insults and so on , then he must beg keredhaannya .

Time did repent :

Repentance can not be postponed or delayed -retreat . Because if so it is very harmful to the human heart . If not immediately cleanse themselves little by little , then the effect of that sin would reams , and will eventually damage the liver so closed off from the light of truth .

Among the causes that will arouse one’s soul to repent it is the soul that is always the remembrance of the death and live alone in the tomb . The words die is something very frightening most humans . Death means parting with all that is dear or beloved . Day breaking any favors . While briefly parting with the child or wife , can drain the tears of sadness , what else split up for good

Allah says: ” Verily you will die and verily they will die anyway . ” ( Az – Zumar : 30 )

In addition to considering about the suffering that would doom faced by those who remember the innocent enjoyment of heaven that will be occupied by people who will also be able to raise pious soul desires to repent immediately .
                                 How Prayer Repentance
Praying prayers of repentance is the same as usual , ie after made ​​ablution perfectly , and then stand in the holy place , facing the Qiblah ;

1 . Dillakukan repentance prayer immediately after a person committing a sin . Or when there has been no awareness in the hearts of his sin . Do not delay. Should be done in 2/3 nights ( at 2 am to above ) , while Qiyamullail

2 . Lafadz intention : ” I repent intention sunnah two cycles because of Allah Ta’ala . /
أصلي سنة التوبة ركعتين لله تعالى ” ( Just inside, there are scholars debate ‘ about lafaz intentions within worship – )

3 . The first reading cycles ( read prayers Iftitah circumcised ) then surah Al – Fatihah . After that can read any letter in the letter of the Koran .

4 . Cycles both read surah al – Fatihah . After the letter reading anything in the Koran .

5 . When the final prostration second cycles , say the Prayer of Prophet Jonah as much as 40 times ( mean it in your heart begging forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala ) ,

لاإله إلا أنت سبحانك إنى كنت من الظالمين

It means : ” There is no god but You . Glory to Thee O Allah , verily I was among those who do wrong . ”

6 . After the greetings , perbanyakkan forgiveness .

7 . and prayed with Sayyidul Istighfar ( penghoeloe Istighfar )

اللهم أنت ربى . لاإله إلا أنت خلقتنى وأنا عبدك وأنا على عهدك ووعدك مااستطعت . أعوذبك من شر ما صنعت . أبوؤ لك بنعمتك علي . وأبوؤ بذنبي فاغفرلي فإنه لا يغفر الذنوب إلا أنت .

Meaning : ” O God thou art my Lord , there is no god but You , you made me . Medium I am your servant and I am in the grip of you and in the agreement ( faith and obedience ) to you as strong as mampuku . I seek refuge You from the evil that I do . I admit for all the blessings that you have given me and I confessed all my sins . then forgive me . Surely no one can forgive sins except You. ”

8 . Then the appropriate discharge can also be praying and Munajat respectively to Allah SWT .

That’s the way of Repentance and Prayer Repentance Nasuha you can do to cleanse our sins . Hopefully undergo earnestly repent , God was pleased to grant a pardon for us . Amin yes robbal the worlds …

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