prayer Tahajud

08 Nov

Tahajud is praying sunnah prayer done at night, after the evening prayer begins before dawn and worked until after sleep or waking up at night . And pray tahajjud night prayer often called or referred to as ( Sholatul Lail ) because this time praying at night where everyone was fast asleep . Tahajud prayer also is sunnah prayers which never abandoned by the Prophet Muhammad during his life . Given the huge virtue in prayer tonight and recommended by Allah in the Qur’an :

” Wa minal Laili fatahajjad bihi naafilatan laka ` Asaa an yab ` atsaka rabbuka maqaaman mahmuudan ” ( Surah : Al – Isro ‘ : 79 )
Meaning : ” And on most nights , you tahajudlah prayer as an additional prayer for you , hopefully the Lord will raise you to a praised ”

Division tahajjud prayer time :
The first one-third , roughly ranging from 19.00 to 22.00 hours , the main current
Second -third , roughly ranging from 22.00 hours until 01.00 am , this time more mainstream
Third -third , roughly from 01.00 am until the time of the entry of dawn , this time the most important

Tahajjud prayer intentions
Ushallii sunnatat – tahajjudi rak’ataini lillaahi ta’aalaa .
Meaning : ” I intent circumcision tahajud two cycles of prayer for God ”
Prayer Procedures Tahajud
1 . First rak’ah read sura Al-Fatiha , after it advanced to the Reading / other chapters you have memorized
2 . In the next rak’ah the first rak’ah do like
3 . regards
Number of cycles in prayer tahajud unlimited , ranging from 2 cycles , 4 , and so on .

Prayer after prayer reading tahajjud
Actually do not exist readings are done after a certain prayer tahajjud prayers , you can pray in accordance with the wishes . However, when looking at the habits of the Prophet Muhammad , the Messenger read the following prayer : للهم لك الحمد أنت نور السماوات والأرض ومن فيهن , ولك الحمد أنت قيم السماوات والأرض ومن فيهن , ولك الحمد أنت رب السماوات والأرض ومن فيهن , ولك الحمد لك ملك السماوات والأرض ومن فيهن , ولك الحمد أنت ملك السماوات والأرض , ولك الحمد , أنت الحق , ووعدك الحق , وقولك الحق , ولقاؤك الحق , والجنة حق , والنار حق , والنبيون حق , ومحمد حق , والساعة حق , اللهم لك أسلمت , وعليك توكلت , وبك آمنت , وإليك أنبت , وبك خاصمت , وإليك حاكمت . فاغفر لي ما قدمت وما أخرت , وما أسررت وما أعلنت , أنت المقدم وأنت المؤخر , لا إله إلا أنت , أنت إلهي لا إله إلا أنت Meaning : “O , God, For thy praise , thou light of the heavens and the earth and everything in it. Divide thy praise , thou who deal with heaven and earth and everything in it. those thy praise , thou Lord of heaven and earth and everything in it. those thy praise and thy kingdom for heaven and earth and the whole of his . those thy all praise , You are right , your promise is true, your Word is true, met with thy true , Paradise is true ( there ) , Hell is true ( no ) , ( terutusnya ) of the prophets is correct , ( terutusnya ) Muhammad is true ( from you ) , doomsday event is true . ‘God, to Thee I surrender , to you I put my trust , I believe in thee , thee I return ( repent) , with your help I argue ( to disbelievers ) , to you ( and to your teachings ) I dropped the law . therefore , forgive my sin is past and future . thou prioritize and mengakhirkan , there is no god who is worshiped rights
except you , you are my Lord , none has the right to be worshiped except You . ” There’s also a good idea to read the safety Benediction World and the Hereafter :

ربنآ ءاتنا فى الدنيا حسنة وفى الءاخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب النار

Meaning : “Our Lord , grant us good in this world and good in the Hereafter and save us from the torment of hell ” . ( QS , 2:201 )
Thus Tahajud How Prayer , Prayer Prayer Tahajud , as well as the virtues of prayer Tahajud . I hope this article can give benefit to us all . amin ya rabbalallamin

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