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09 Oct

Prayerprayer Bid’ahIs

when you want to memorize the Qur’an we disunnahkan to pray two reka’at ?

Answer : There is no history of shohih Prophet about praying to memorize the Qur’an . It is circulating in the community after a hadith diteleti apparently very weak hadith are even some scholars say maudhu ‘ , ie false hadith . It contains the following hadith :

” Ali bin Talib want to memorize the Qur’an , the Prophet then instructed to perform prayers ” memorize the Qur’an ” the ordinances are :

a. Performed Friday night

b . All four reka’at

c . Reka’at first : read the letter Yasin , reka’at second : Dukhan letter , third reka’at : letter as-Sajda , fourth reka’at : surat Al Mulk.d. After greetings : read certain prayer-prayer

e . This prayer should be done at least 3 times every Friday and a maximum of 7 times . ”

The above hadith is very weak degree , even some scholars assert maudhu ‘ ( false ) , but it Matan hadith was incompatible with a style like most hadiths .

Is the month of Rajab we are commanded to pray sunnah , especially on mid night of Rajab ?

Answer : Some people call mid- evening prayer as a prayer rajab raghoib , which means expect something so besar.Sholat nights mid rajab has no solid foundation . Hadith mentions the prayer are all weak , even false .

The ordinances are as follows :

Do mid- month Friday night of Rajab .
The numbers 12 reka’at .
Each reka’at read : Al Fatiha 1x , 3x Surat Al Qadr , Surah Ikhlas 12 x
Salam every two reka’at
After greeting read prayers 70 x
Bow down and read ” Subbuhun Quddus 70x … etc.
Then sat down to read a particular passage : ” Rabbi Irham …. 70x ff
Repeating bowed back and read like that again as much as 70 x
Who is praying with such procedures , it will be forgiven all his sins , etc.

The scholars stated that other hadiths as above all vanity and nothing , a false alias .

How ordinance mid Sha’ban night prayer ? Is there any proof for this?

Answer : The procedure for mid- Sha’ban night prayer is as follows :

Rekaatnya totaled 100 reka’at
Read every reka’at surah Al-Fatihah and Surah Al khlas 10 times

According to the scholars there is no argument that shohih about mid- Sha’ban is the night prayer . Hadith explains that the average vanity and maudhu ‘ and very weak , so it should not be practiced .

Are we encouraged to perform evening prayers feast , if yes, what is the proof ?

Answer : There is a hadith that explains about the holiday evening prayers , the hadith reads :

من قام ليلتى العيدين محتسبا لله لم يمت قلبه يوم تموت القلوب

“Whoever stands the night turn the highway with the intention for Allah , surely his heart will not die when all the hearts are dead ” ( Reported by Ibn Majah )

The above hadith is very weak in rank , because in there sanadnya narrator named Bqiyah bin Walid . The scholars said that he often did tadlis ( mask narrator who dho’if ) , as well as in other narrations of the hadith above there is always a narrator who is very weak , so this hadith is unacceptable .

Ustadz how to pray standing urination , because some people say it’s their argument , please explain !

Answer : Basically the intent prayer was made by the Messenger of Allah , but its operation is as a person perform other sunnah prayers . It is based on the hadith Khudaifah bin Yemen ra that he said :

كان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم إذا حزبه أمر صلى

” That the Prophet Muhammad when faced with something , then immediately invoke the prayers ” ( Hadith Abu Daud Hasan History )

This is reinforced in the hadith that says that one of the companions who had come to the blind prophet Muhammad to ask that dido’akan so she could see again . Then he saw ordered to do a lot of prayer and pray ( Reported by Ibn Majah )

The Hajat prayer is that prayer should not be implemented with the intent of certain ordinances have not been taught by the Prophet . Among the procedures mentioned in hadith dhoif , unjust or false is as follows :

Reka’at first reading Al Fatihah and Ayat Kursi
Reka’at second reading last two verses of Surat al- Baqarah
After greeting read : ” Allahumma Ya Muannisa me anis …… etc.
In another narration : must be preceded by fasting on Wednesday , Thursday and Friday and totaled 12 reka’at , as well as a history of the third and fourth and so on , each of the acts of the ordinance mentions different .

Special procedure for prayers intent mentioned above is vanity , does not have a solid foundation and should not be practiced at all , except the absolute intent prayer , as prayer – other sunnah prayers , as explained above .

What is called prayer awwabin , and whether we should perform prayers between Maghrib and Isha ?

Answer : Prayer is a prayer Awwabin means people closer to Allah swt . Awwabin prayer is another name Duha prayer . The evidence is the hadith of Abu Hurairah that he said :

لا يحافظ على صلاة الضحى إلا أواب , وهي صلاة الأوابين

” It is not who can keep the Duha prayer except the people closer to Allah swt , and that’s the Duha prayer called Salat Awwabin ” ( Hadith Saheeh Ibn History Khuzaimah )

From the above hadith that the identification of Awwabin is Prayer Duha prayer . As for the argument that Awwabin is praying sunnah prayer between Maghrib and Isha ‘ then it is not true .

Anyone is allowed to do the sunnah prayer between Maghrib and Isha absolutely and as for such ordinances are ordinances other sunnah prayers – prayers . Anas evidence for this is :

كان يصلي ما بين المغرب والعشاء

” Behold, he had to pray between Maghrib and Isha ‘ ( Hadith Shohi History Bayhaqi )

In addition , strengthened also by the arguments that allow absolute sunnah prayers , the Sunnah prayer performed at any time , in addition to the time – limits of time , the number reka’atnya not restricted .

That is not allowed is to do Sunnah prayer between Maghrib and ‘ Isha’ with the cata – specific ways that have not been taught by the Prophet such as :

1 / 6 or 12 reka’at amount .

2 / Each reka’at should read surah Al Ikhlas 40 days .

Among the false hadith about the sound between Mahrib and Isha prayers ‘ are as follows :

من صلى بعد المغرب ست ركعات غفرت له ذنوبه وإن كانت مثل زبد البحر

” Whoever prayed after Maghrib six reka’at , will undoubtedly dimapuni his sins even if much froth froth that is in the sea ” ( Hadith unjust Thabrani History )

The above hadith hadith is unjust because it is no narrator – the narrator is not known , including the narrator is named : Sholeh bin Qatn , and this person is not known .

Ustadz how prayer Repentance procedures that correct ?

Answer : Repentance Prayer is recommended in Islam is that its operation is like other sunnah prayers – prayers , while the number reka’atnya no certain extent , allowed the two reka’at as embodied in the hadith to be referred to in more detail below , are also permissible more than that . Indeed, in the hadith is not mentioned or named Repentance prayer , but as long as its operation properly , hence the name no problem . Hadiths that show prayer Tawbah is hadith of Abu Bakr as- Sidiq ra that the Prophet said :

ما من عبد يذنب ذنبا فيحسن الطهور ثم يقوم فيصلى ركعتين ثم يستغفر الله إلا غفر الله له

” It is not a servant commit a sin then he purify himself with the best , then he stood up and pray two cycles , and followed by praying to God , but God’s forgiveness will give forgiveness to him ” ( Abu Dawud Hadith Sahih History )

The prayers Repentance with special procedures are often done by most of the Muslims are praying that Repentance should not be practiced due – mentioned hadith is false hadith . The procedure mentioned in the fake hadith is as follows :

must be preceded by a shower Monday night after praying Witr
number 12 reka’at
on each reka’atnya read surah Al-Fatihah and surah Al Kafirun one time , then read the letter Alikhlas 10 times .
then stood up again and pray four reka’at
prostration after the salutation should read the verse and chairs in prostration
then sit and forgiveness 100 times and 100 times Sholawat also ….. etc.

The scholars said that the hadith is fake , and should not be practiced at all .

Can we do 10 Muharram evening prayers , as is done by some Muslims , should be what is the proof ?

Answer :

None of the arguments that is authentic about 10 sacred prayer . Hadiths that mention of the problem is the false hadith , while the sound is as follows :

” Those who turn 10 nights of Muharram , as if worshiping God as worship the starry hosts . And those who pray four reka’at and read every reka’at Alhamdulillah once and read the Al Ikhlas 50 times , Allah will forgive his sins been doing over 50 years ago and the sins that will be doing 50 years will come , and will be built for him in the sky later in 1000 the pulpit of light . ”

According to the scholars that the above hadith is false hadiths and should not be practiced at all .

Ustadz Standing at Arafat at the time there are some people who work between Dhuhr and Asr prayer , he said that there are hadiths , is that right ? , Beg explanation !

Answer : Some people have mentioned the prayer with prayer the Day of Arafah . It was observed by some scholars , it was not found authentic hadith that explains it . There is only a false hadith attributed to Abu Hurairah ra .

The fake hadith very long , but his sound is as follows :

“Those who pray on the day of Arafah between Dhuhr and Asr 4 reka’at , reka’at letter read at any one time Al Fatihah and surat al Ikhlas 50 times , Allah will reward him a thousand times a thousand good and he will be appointed by each one letter a degree in heaven …. etc. ”

False because the hadith narrated by Al Nahas Qahm bin Basri , he is a storyteller who could not believe what he said , so the false hadith above should not be practiced .

On every coming month of Ramadan , on the last Friday of the month , most of the people working on the prayer that he could remove all prayers are left behind during his life , how exactly ustdaz ?

Answer : hadiths that mention the end of Friday prayers Ramdhan is vanity and false hadiths , but unfortunately this vanity hadiths mentioned in several books of fiqh . Sound hadith is as follows : ” He who does one of the prayers of the prayer – prayer that must be on the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan , then it will delete the entire prayer is left over 70 years of age ” at the above Hadith clearly a vanity and false because it is not likely to replace the entire prayer prayers are never left in his life .


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