Witr Prayer Guide

09 Oct

Witr prayer Sunnah muakkadah law . Disunnahkan Witr prayer every day and not just during Ramadan . Witr means odd . Then the minimum number of cycles and rakaatnya maximum of 11 cycles . The most perfect is 3 cycles . When implementing more witr three cycles , then every two cycles with the salutation and close cycles . When implementing the three cycles should be made directly rikaat like maghrib prayer . But some scholars see that split more mainstream , the last two cycles regards the cycles , because there are hadiths that say ” Do not equate witirmu with Maghrib ” .
The hadith narrated by Bayhaqi and he said rawinya believable . But three sequential cycles more than just one major cycles . Qadli Abu Tayyib said that one rakaat witr legal makruh . This is certainly contrary to the authentic hadith narrated by Abu Dawud who said ” Whoever wants Witr 5 cycles please , whoever wants 3 Rakat Witr please and whoever wants 1 rakaat witr please ” . Timing is started after praying Isha ‘ prayer until dawn . If someone was worried about not perform witr prayer in the middle or the end of the night , then he should do so after evening prayers ‘ , or after Tarawih prayers during Ramadan . In a hadith , the Prophet said , ” Whoever thinks the night will not wake up , then he should berwitir in the early evening , he who was sure she could wake up at night , then he should berwitir at the end of the night because of a late night prayers attended by angels ” (Reported by Muslim , Ahmad , Tirmizi ) .

Disunnahkan not pray witr in congregation , except with the tarawih prayers . Disunnahkan letter read in Witr is 3 cycles ” – isma Sabbih Rabiika ” , Al – Kafiruun and third cycles al – Ikhlas and Muawwidzatain .

In Witr disunnahkan also perform such qunut qunut dawn prayer for those who do . The scholars differed as to the time and manner in Witr qunut . Madzhab Syafii said qunut in Witr only done in the second half of the month of Ramadan , where after prostrating when i’tidal before the final cycles , were carried out in accordance Ubay bib Ka’b . Hanafi did qunut on every prayer Witr before bowing after reading the last chapters in cycles . Hanbali perform Witr qunut each month of Ramadan with procedures such as the Shafi’i madhhab .

After praying witr prayer according disunnahkan read sahih hadith narrated by Abu Dawud :
سبحان الملك القدوس ( 3 times )
اللهم إني أعوذ برضاك من سخطك وبمعافاتك من عقوبتك وأعوذ بك منك لا أحصي ثناء عليك أنت كما أثنيت على نفسك . Scholars disagree about someone who berwitir at the beginning of last night’s sleep and wake up at the end of the night and perform prayers . Some scholars argue that he has done off witr at the beginning of the night and at the end of the night he added a prayer witirnya cycles on , because there are hadiths that say “no Witr twice in one night ” . Witr means odd , odd if done twice being fulfilled and no longer Witr , then added one to keep witr rak’ahs . Opinions in the priest Ishaq etc followed .

Editor of the hadith is as follows :

From Qais bin Thalk said one day I Thalq his arrival in the bin Ali Ramadhan , then he would be with us until the evening and prayer ( tarawih ) with us and berwitir well . Then he returned to his village and mengimam pray again with villagers came to pray Witr , then he asked for someone to lead the prayer Witr ” berwitirlah with congregation ” I heard Allah Rauslullah said: ” There is no Witr twice overnight ” HR Tirmidhi , Abu Dawud , Nasai , Ahmad etc. .

The second opinion says no need Witr again for Witr in the early evening . He was quite a night without witr prayer . The reason a lot of history of the Messenger of Allah said that he did sunnah prayers after Witr . This opinion was followed Malik , Syafii , Ahmad , Sufyan al – Tsuari and Hanafi .

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