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11 Dec

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Time fasting is haram in time where Muslims are prohibited from fasting . The lesson is when everyone is happy , that someone needs to join together to celebrate .

Fasting on Eid al-Fitr ( 1st Shawwal )
Fasting on Eid-ul- Adha ( 10 Zulhijjah )
Fasting on the day -to-day Tasyrik ( 11 , 12 , and 13 Zulhijjah )

In addition to day -to-day , there is also a time when Muslims are encouraged not to fast , ie when there are relatives or friends who are having a party or wedding celebration . Law of fasting on this day is not haram , but makruh , because God does not like if someone just thinking about the hereafter alone while his social life ( keeping in touch with relatives or community ) abandoned .

1 . Eid-ul- Fitr

1st of Shawwal has been established as the Muslim sacred feast . That day is a day of victory that should be celebrated with fun. Because the law has been set in the days that a person is not allowed to fast until the haram level . Although no one can eat , at least not have to break the fast or do not intend to fasting .

نهى رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عن صيام يومين : يوم الفطر ويوم الأضحى – متفق عليه

Prophet Muhammad forbade fasting on two days : the day of Fitr and Adha . ( HR muttafaq ‘ alaihi )

2 . Eid-ul- Adha

The same thing on the 10th Zulhijjah as Hari Raya for Muslims second . Today it is forbidden to fast and disunnahkan Muslims to slaughter animals and distribute them to needy Qurban msikin and relatives as well as family . So that all can share in the excitement with the sacrificial animals to eat and celebrate the big day .

3 . today Tasyrik

Tasyrik day is the 11th, 12th and 13th month of Zulhijjah . In the three days that Muslims are still in celebratory mood that day of Eid al -Adha is still forbidden to fast . However, the majority opinion says that the legal makruh , not haram . Especially considering there is still a possibility of people who can not afford to pay for the dam pilgrimage fasting 3 days during the Hajj .

إنها أيام أكل وشرب وذكر الله تعالى – رواه مسلم

Surely that day ( tasyrik ) are days of eating , drinking and dhikrullah (Muslim )

4 . Fasting for a day on Friday

Fasting is unlawful when preceded by a day without any before or since . Unless there is a connection with the other sunnah fasting like fasting sunnah the prophet David , that is a day of fasting and a day does not . So when the turn fell Friday for fasting , fasting should . Some scholars are not up mengharamkannya absolutely , but only until makruh only.

5 . Fasting on the day of offense

Shah is the 30th day of Sha’ban when people doubt about the beginning of the month of Ramadan because hilal ( moon ) is not visible . When it was not clear whether already in the month of Ramadan or not . This ambiguity is called prejudice . Sharai and Muslims are forbidden to fast on that day . But there is also the opinion does not forbid but only memakruhkannya alone .

6 . fasting Forever

Forbidden for a person to fast continues every day . Although he was able to do it because it’s her body strong . Sharai but fasting as it is forbidden by Islam . For those who want a lot of fasting , the Prophet Muhammad advised to fast like the fasting of David as a day of fasting and breaking the fast day .

7 . Menstruation or postpartum women

Women who are experiencing menstruation or childbirth forbidden work fast . Due to the condition of his body is in a state of pure of large hadats . If still fasting , then the law sin . Not that they should be free to eat and drink as much . But must maintain the honor of Ramadan and the obligation to replace it in the other .

8 . Fasting is Sunnah for a woman without her husband’s permission

If a wife will do the sunnah fasting , then it should ask permission to her husband . When you get a permit , then he was allowed to fast . Whereas if it is not allowed but still fasting , then fasting is haram Sharai .

In the condition that the husband has the right to force him to break the fast . Unless it has been learned that her husband was in a state of need . For example, when a husband traveling or in a state of Ihram Hajj or Umrah or being beri’tikaf . Word of the Prophet Muhammad is not lawful for a woman to fast without the permission of her husband , while her husband was in front of him . Because the right of the husband shall be accomplished , and is obligatory for the wife , while the legal sunnah fasting . Liability should not be left to pursue the sunnah .

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