Why should not Tasyrik day fasting.

11 Dec
Why should not Tasyrik day fasting .

Tasyrik day is a day of glory for Muslims is tanggal11 , 12 and 13 Dhu al-Hijjah , on the day that the pilgrims perform rituals are throwing Pebbles , and the day when Muslims around the world are busy slaughtering sacrificial animals .
Should not fast on the day Tasyriq according to most scholarly opinion . The reason is because the Prophet sallallaahu ‘ alaihi wa sallam , أيام التشريق أيام أكل وشرب

“Today is a day -to-day Tasyriq eating and drinking . ” An Nawawi rahimahullah put this hadith in Sahih Muslim in the chapter ” haraam to fast on the day Tasyriq ” .

An Nawawi rahimahullah in Al Minhaj Sharh Sahih Muslim said , ” The days Tasyriq is three days after the Eid al- Adha . Tasyriq day are included in the ‘ ied . Applicable law on the day of ‘ Eid is also applicable on the day Tasyriq majority , like the Tasyriq have similarities in timing of sacrificial slaughter , diharamkannya fasting and recommended for bertakbir when it was . ”

Today Tasyriq mentioned Tasyriq ( which means : forthcoming) as sacrificial meat dried in the sun and when it is deployed .

Imam Malik , Al Auza’i , Ishaq , and Imam ash-Shafi’i in his opinion states that one should fast on the day the person who tamattu Tasyriq ‘ if he does not obtain al hadyu ( sacrificial slaughter ) . But to keep them apart are not allowed to fast when itu.Dalil of this opinion is a hadith in Sahih Al Bukhari from Ibn ‘ Umar and ‘ A’isha , they said ,

لم يرخص فى أيام التشريق أن يصمن , إلا لمن لم يجد الهدى

” On the day Tasyriq not given waivers to fast except for people who do not get al hadyu when it was . ”

Id Tasyrik day is included Muslims as in the hadith

يوم عرفة ويوم النحر وأيام التشريق عيدنا أهل الإسلام وهى أيام أكل وشرب ” Day of Arafah , the day of Eid al- Adha , and the days Tasyrik is ‘ en – us – Muslims . The Day ( Eid al- Adha and the day Tasyrik ) is the day to eat a meal and drink . ”
In a hadith narrated by Abu Daud , explaining the virtues of the Eid al- Adha and the day Tasyrik ( 11 , 12 , and 13 Dzulhijah ) . إن أعظم الأيام عند الله تبارك وتعالى يوم النحر ثم يوم القر

” Verily the most honored in the sight of Allah Tabaroka wa Ta’ala is the day of Eid al-Adha and Yaumul qorr ( Tasyrik day ) . ”

It said Yaumul Qor because at that time was dwelling pilgrims in Mina . If specified on the primacy of this Tasyrik three days , then the best among the three is the day Tasyrik first , then the second , and the last is the third day .

Day of Eid al- Adha and Day Tasyrik , Have Nice Day For Eating MakananNabi sallallaahu ‘ alaihi wa sallam said , that the Eid al- Adha and the day of the Muslims Tasyrik is to enjoy the food . The Prophet sallallaahu ‘ alaihi wa sallam said ,

أيام التشريق أيام أكل وشرب

“Today is a day -to-day Tasyrik enjoying food and drink . ”

On the day Tasyrik collected a variety of scrumptious badaniyah with eating and drinking , there is also a qolbiyah favors ( favors liver ) with dhikr of Allah . The best kind are frequent dhikr and grateful . As such favors will be sempurna.Makan and Drinking in Day Tasyrik to Strengthen Worship

Tasyrik day called the day eating and drinking , as well as remembrance of God . It is a sign that the eating and drinking at the holidays like this can help us to do dhikr and obedience to Him . With this the perfect gratitude for favors because it can help perform obedience to God . Therefore , whoever uses God’s favor to engage in immoral , meaning he has to deliciously kufr .

That which can be summarized InfoNews the day Tasyrik Why should not fast , if there is an error please correct the comments page .

May we be given health and keuatan by God to carry out His commandments and refrain from His prohibitions . aamiin

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