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12 Jun

Panduan Lengkap Umroh 2013Here I will explain about the article that contains the rituals of Umrah, here I will explain in full what the Umrah ritualsof the Umrah rituals and how ? Now let us read the following article

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim …

What , And How Umrah Rituals of it ? ?
In performing this pilgrimage , the prospective pilgrims must fully understand the Sunnah charity , obligatory charity , and charity harmony . In addition, the prospective pilgrims , also need to understand exactly what the intent , purpose and wisdom tekandung in charity – charity , and worship in the berumroh .
For those who are already experienced in performing pilgrimage , Umrah course is no longer running into a new probl
em experienced by them . wever , for the inexperienced prospective pilgrims course will menimbulbulkan a new problem for those prospective Umrah pilgrims , despite reading the instructions on the procedures for implementing Umrah .Similarly, those who had been carrying out pilgrimage but not yet fully understand the procedures , and the wisdom contained in the pilgrimage . As recommended by the Prophet Muhammad , because in essence this pilgrimage not only requires a correct understanding but also guidance and implementation to facilitate the implementation later in the holy land .

Rituals of Umrah is a training and preparatory activities undertaken pleh pilgrimage pilgrims who the scout by religious leaders that aims to provide knowledge on how to provision – how the implementation of the pilgrimage , so that the prospective pilgrims can perform well and right time in the Holy Land later , the instructions taken from the hadith and the Quran , and in accordance with rules set by the Minister of Religious Affairs No. : 396 of 2003 concerning the organization of the Hajj and Umrah .
In the implementation of the pilgrimage rituals are usually given the book as well as some hints about the conditions and circumstances that will be encountered later in the holy land . However the climate and customs there will be much different from those in the country of origin prospective Umrah pilgrims . This is done by division pilgrims in several squads then choose one as pengkoordinir or chairman squad .
Summary Rituals of Umrah
Allah says in surah Al – Baqarah verse 196
” Blanks Hajj & Umrah for Allah ” (Surat ( 2 ) Al – Baqarah : 196 )
Completion of worship Umrah is an obligation from Allah that must be implemented for Umrah pilgrims , if you want umrohnya Maqbul . as his commands in His word above , implementation is a perfect worship Umrah Implementation Umrah deeds that follow the procedures Prophet Muhammad . The Umrah procedures that have been exemplified by Prophet Muhammad SAW is divided into three forms of practice are: Amal sunnah , Amal and Amal Mandatory Pillars .
Umrah is Sunnah charitable deeds are praiseworthy / noble when doing Umrah pilgrims . This practice is a complementary practice , and falsifies for implementation Umrah worship performed by the pilgrims , it is given as a reward for their reward from Allah for what they do , but if it does not break do not worship and do not pay Umrahnya Dam . And this is including deeds – deeds sunnah of berumroh , namely :
1 . Bath before berihrom
2 . Wearing perfume for men
3 . Melafadkan intention of ihram in miqot after prayers
4 . Talbiyah read as much as possible
5 . Read prayer upon entering Makkah
6 . Read prayer upon entering the Grand Mosque
7 . Read prayers at the sight of the Kaaba
8 . Kiss the Black Stone
9 . Praying in Hijir Isma’il
Zam – zam water 10.Meminum
11.Memperbanyak perform tawaf sunnah
Compulsory charity is a practice that should be done by Umrah pilgrims during the Umrah performers and worshipers . When the pilgrims left behind in the implementation or forget to exercise it is required to pay the dam and replace it with Umrahnya be perfect after the dam payer done . As one pl with hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW . ” Anyone who leaves a worship ( practice required in Hajj / Umrah ) or forgot that he was obliged to slaughter the sacrifice ” ( HR Malik ) .
There are three kinds of obligatory pilgrimage , namely :
1 . Intention Berihrom From Miqot
2 . Wearing Apparel ihrom
3 . Comply with the ban ihrom
Charitable deeds Pillars Umrah is a requirement that the validity of Umrah are performed for prayers . If harmony is abandoned , although only one bias certainly Umrah pilgrimage undertaken by the congregation is invalid and can not be replaced by a fine or a dam , except by repeated execution of the Umrah .
There are five kinds of pillars of the pilgrimage , namely :
1 . intention Berihrom
2 . thawaf
3 . sai
4 . Tahallul
5 . orderly
Another practice that is recommended to be done during in Madinah and Makkah :
Medina : 1 . Perform prayers in congregation in the Masjid Nabawi .
2 . Multiply perform Sunnah prayers
3 . Pilgrimages to the Tomb of the Prophet Muhammad .
4 . Pilgrimage to the tomb of Abu Bakr Siddiq , Umar Ibn al- Khattab and Baqi ‘
5 . Sign in to Raudhah and beri’tikaf or prayer or pray in it .
6 . Following prayers body
Makkah : 1 . Pilgrims perform prayers at the Grand Mosque .
2 . Multiply perform tawaf sunnah .
3 . Multiply perform Sunnah prayers
4 . Multiply the reading of the Qur’an , dhikr and pray to God .
5 . Following prayers body .
Thank you for taking the time to read my article , may be useful for you and me in particular . Wassalamualaikum Wr . Wb .

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