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Women Menstruation When Haji

Women Menstruation When Haji

Anything that may be done by a menstruating woman as pilgrimage and what is not allowed ? Which is difficult when the time must do tawaf ifadhah which is part of the pillars of Hajj . If women have menstrual like to perform tawaf ifadhah time and he could not complete his Hajj again after her period finished as a distant land , what should he do?
Women Menstruation When Haji

If a woman has berihram for Hajj then she found menstruation , then keep it as other berihram . He did all the deeds pilgrimage . Starting from the 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah to perform mabit Sunnah in Mina , Arafat before staying at the 9th , followed by mabit in Muzdalifah , and throw Pebbles on day 10 , 11 , 12 , or 13 Dhu al-Hijjah . That should not be done by a menstruating woman was circumambulating the Kaaba , in addition menstruating woman did not worship in common: prayer , fasting , and touch the Mushaf . ( See Masail Mu’ashiroh mimma Ta’ummu bihil Balwa , p . 538-539 ) . Read the rest of this entry »

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Complete guide Umrah 2013

Panduan Lengkap Umroh 2013Here I will explain about the article that contains the rituals of Umrah, here I will explain in full what the Umrah ritualsof the Umrah rituals and how ? Now let us read the following article

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim …

What , And How Umrah Rituals of it ? ?
In performing this pilgrimage , the prospective pilgrims must fully understand the Sunnah charity , obligatory charity , and charity harmony . In addition, the prospective pilgrims , also need to understand exactly what the intent , purpose and wisdom tekandung in charity – charity , and worship in the berumroh .
For those who are already experienced in performing pilgrimage , Umrah course is no longer running into a new probl
em experienced by them . wever , for the inexperienced prospective pilgrims course will menimbulbulkan a new problem for those prospective Umrah pilgrims , despite reading the instructions on the procedures for implementing Umrah . Read the rest of this entry »

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HAJI Qiran

 QIHAJI Qiran;Implement ie Hajj and Umrah simultaneously, thus procession tawaf , Sa’i and tahallul for Hajj and Umrah performed one time or all at once . Because of the ease that Juma’ah worn ” Dam ” or fines . ie slaughtering a goat or if not able to fast 10 days . For those who perform Hajj Qiran disunnatkan perform tawaf Qudum Just arrived in Mecca .Miqat for Juma’ah Madinah is located in Bir Ali ( Zulhulaifah ) . As for Juma’ah are already in Mecca miqatnya do in Tan’im or Ji’ranah . who come to Mecca on the day is very short to the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah , Miqatnya can be done on the plane as it passed miqat area .IMPLEMENTATION OF HAJJ QiranMiqat ground water . For those who choose miqat ground water should do the ihram for Hajj preparations sabagai following : Read the rest of this entry »
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