Sunan Kudus story – GreatSenopati of Demak Bintoro

19 Oct

This time the story wali songo sunan kudu tells the story , he is a great Senopati from Demak kingdom . when he served as Senopati , Majapahit conquered. To find out more about the holy Sunan , please refer to the story below :
Origin of Sunan Kudus

Sunan Kudus story

Cerita Sunan Kudus Although he was named Sunan holy , but actually not a native of the Holy . He Jipang Ponolan migrants from the region which is a region in north Blora . There, he was born and given the name Ja’far Shodiq . He was the son of Sunan Ngudung result of marriage ( Raden Usman Haji ) with Syarifah . Sunan Ngudung himself known as a powerful warlord . One day , he was killed in the war between Demak and Majapahit . After that his son, Ja’far Shodiq replace his father . Its main task is to conquer the kingdom of Majapahit to expand the powers of Demak .
Ja’far soduk not feel strange when I was responsible as Senopati . Because when he was a teenager , he studied not only religion, but also the science of other sciences , such as sociology , politics , culture , art and commerce . In addition to his father , he also studied the Sunan Ampel and Kiai Telingsing . Actually, the original name of the scholars telingsing is Tai Tsing links , he originating from China . When that china is known as an advanced country . In fact , China has developed since Negar first .

According to the story , one day Tai Li Tshing come together admiral Cheng Hoo . When the admiral Cheng hoo sail from one country to another country . In addition, the admiral cheng hoo also has a vision to spread Islam in the region of Southeast Asia . In his voyage , he landed at the port of Semarang .

Tai Li Tshing participate in group Cheng Hoo . On his way , he finally reached the Blora , Central Java . Then he developed the Islamic da’wah in the area of juvenile , starch , which is adjacent to Blora . And Ja’far sodic a favorite disciple of Tai Li Tsing . So it is normal that Ja’far sodic than getting religious knowledge , also get a social science and society , as well as other sciences .

In fact , Ja’far as Senopati Shodiq Bintoro Demak kingdom , was able to prove his prowess , no less with his prowess on the battlefield . He successfully developed the Demak kingdom eastwards to reach Madura , and westwards to Cirebon . This success story emerged later miracle . For example , before the war , given the Ja’far Shodiq Badong , a kind of vest , by Sunan mountain teak . Badong it around the battlefield below .

Badong magic of it , get out juataan mice also powerful . If it does not hit it dead mice , but they are increasingly raging uncontrollably . Majapahit troops fear that they ran helter-skelter . Ja’far Shodiq also have a crate , which can release millions of wasps . Many soldiers were killed majapahit was stung by a wasp . In the end , the leader of Majapahit troops , the eggplant dukes surrender to forces Shodiq Ja’far .

Success defeating Jafar Shodiq majaphit make the stronger position . Then he left Demak because they want to live freely and devoted his life for the sake of the religion of Islam . Then , he went to the sanctuary . However , his arrival at the sanctuary is not clear . When he set foot in the holy city was still called tajug , it is said , people who initially developed in the Islamic city is tajug before Ja’far Shodiq telingsing scholars . This story shows that the town was already developed before his arrival .

Initially , Ja’far Shodiq live in the middle of pilgrims in small groups in tajug . The pilgrims are the students had brought from Demak . Actually they are the soldiers who was with Ja’far Shodiq majapahit combat . After the congregation the more he later built the mosque as a place of worship and religious center of pacification . Place of worship which is believed to be built by Jafar Shodiq is holy mosque tower that still stands to this day. This mosque was founded in 956 H which coincides with the 1549 M.

Tajug city also got a new name , namely Quds , which then turned into a sanctuary . Then at the end Ja’far himself Shodiq known as Sunan Kuuds . In spreading the religion of Islam , holy Sunan Sunan Kalidjaga follow style , ie using the model ” tutwuri handayani ” . That is, the holy Sunan not so violent , but little direct society . Because, he did a lot of sit under Sunan Kalijaga . Sunan holy preaching any way that mimics the way in which Kalidjaga Sunan , which tolerate the local culture , even more subtle mode of delivery . That is why the trustees appoint him to preach in the holy city .

Sunan sacred story . When it is , there are many holy people who embrace the Hindu religion . So , Sunan holy habit to give up trying to integrate into the Sharia Islamic subtly . For example , it is not actually slaughtering buffalo cow when the feast of Eid al- Qurban . It is of Sunan respect to the followers of Hindu saints . Therefore , hindu religion commanded to honor cows .

After successfully attracted both Hindus embraced Islam , Sunan encompass Buddhist holy intends to embrace Islam as well . He has a pretty unique way to attract their attention . Having established Sunan holy mosque , he made Padasan ( a purification ritual ) , with a shower of eight . Each shower were statues on it .

Why did this holy Sunan ? Apparently, Sunan holy Buddhists want to draw sympathy for the Buddhist teachings there are eight teaching called asta sanghika clan . Content of the teaching is the one must have the right knowledge , the right decision , said that is true, act or do the right thing , the right way to live , to work correctly , worship the true and living religion correctly .

Finally , the effort was led acyl , so many people are flocking Buddhist Bergama embrace Islam . Similarly, in terms of the mores , he did not directly oppose the people who deviated from the teachings of Islam as violent . For example , people often menambur interest in the intersection, sending offerings on graves and other indigenous deviated from the teachings of Islam . Sunan holy indirectly against the indigenous , but he mengarahkannnya accordance with the teachings of Islam slowly . For example , Sunan holy offerings directed that food be given to people who are starving . He also taught that the requested application is not the soul , but to God

The sympathetic way that makes people of other faiths are willing to listen to lectures from Sunan sacred religion of Islam . Surat Al Baqarah which in Arabic means cattle , often read by Sunan Kudus to further captivate listeners Hindu . Even the holy mosque build by not leaving elements of Hindu architecture . Sebba , the shape of the tower , while still leaving the Hindu style of architecture . Among the former are the holy relics of Sunan mosque holy feast which was then known as the sacred tower . In the courtyard of the mosque there is a beautiful ancient tower .

As to the origin of the name of the holy that holy Sunan never go on a pilgrimage on the ground while studying Arabic , he also later taught there . That said , it’s time the Arab society contracted a dangerous disease outbreak . And , the disease subsided thanks to the holy Sunan . Therefore , a local official is pleased to provide a gift to him . But he refused and just asked for a stone as a memento . According to one story , the stone comes from the city of Baitul Maqdis or jarusalem . So , for memepringati city where life and living Shodiq Ja’far , then she gave him the holy name . In fact , there is a tower in front of the mosque was being pressure as sacred tower .

Sunan unique custom sacred in preaching , which he always held a drum ceremony dandangan . This event is an activity waiting for the arrival of the month of Ramadhan . He was beating the drum pounding to invite jmaah to the mosque . He also announced the first day of fasting after worshipers gathered at the mosque .

Right now , the way dandangan still ongoing but already much original . Many people dating kea real mosque ahead of Ramadan . However , they are not going to listen to the announcement of the beginning of fasting . They simply buy the various foods that peddled the seasonal trade . Holy Sunan himself died and was buried on the west mosque jami ‘ holy . If people look at the holy mosque minarets else , strange , and artistic , they would immediately think of pendidirinya , the holy Sunan

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