Kyai Telingsing, Teacher Sunan Kudus

19 Oct

Kyai Telingsing , Teacher Sunan Kudus

Long before the establishment of the Islamic kingdom in Demak , there was a tumultuous events in the Holy area . The incident happened to Kanjeng Sunan Sungging . One day Kanjeng Sunan Sungging play kite tersiratlah his intention to see the region and around the archipelago . Then he began to propagate through the kite string that was floating in the sky . Kanjeng at Sunan Sungging up in the middle of the space , gave up the thread and hover him with the kite to get to China , supposedly up in Yunan region .

Over the years, Kanjeng Sunan Sungging marry a Chinese girl . Within a few years later was the one his wife was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy , named The Sing Ling . After The Sing Ling adulthood , the father Kanjeng Sunan Sungging give advice to the child . If you want to be a noble person in the world and the hereafter , then follow my tracks . Does that mean father ? You go to the Holy belonging archipelago , where I never lived .

Then went to tajug The Sing Ling . Once he got to the destination , then start The Sing Ling preparing to reorganize around and preaching . Which at that time was still strong tajug people were Hindus .

The Ling Sing , arrived in the early 15th century . That said , he came to the island of Java with General Admiral Cheng Hoo . As mentioned in the history of General Cheng Hoo Muslim it comes to Java to hold the rope friendship and spread Islam through trade .

In Java , The Sing Ling was called Kyai enough Telingsing , he lived in a fertile region that lies between the river and the river Heilbron Tanggulangin East. There he not only taught Islam , but also to teach the residents a beautiful sculpture . A wood carving style Ging Sung as a masterpiece of wood carving known for subtlety and beauty .

Many who come to Kyai studied sculpture Telingsing , including Raden Sodiq Ja’far ( Sunan Kudus ) , his best friend ‘s son Raden Haji Usman ( Sunan Ngundung ) . Where then together with Raden Haji Usman is known as the founder of the city Ngundung ( Undung ) which is also called tajug and became known as the Holy . So , he was then known as Ki Ageng or Kyai Gede Holy Ghost.

Telingsing Kyai who has long preached the elderly and eager to find a replacement . One day Kyai Telingsing stood looking to the right and to the left ( or in Javanese Ingak – Inguk ) like looking for something . Ja’far suddenly Shoddiq ( Sunan Kudus ) appeared from the south , and suddenly Sunan Kudus is also said to build a mosque in a very short time , and some even say the mosque presents itself . Due to these conditions, the village where the mosque stood up and then called Nganguk village and mosque named Masjid Wali Nganguk . Eventually the two men worked together to develop the message in the Holy . And the tactics and strategy of Kyai Telingsing and Ja’far Shoddiq ( Sunan Kudus ) finally succeeded – lah ideals both to spread Islam in the Holy .

One day will be the arrival of Sunan Kudus guests from China . The sage called Kyai Telingsing to create a memento to the guests . By Kyai Telingsing made ​​a jug that reads beautiful words in it . Once the pitcher is so , then immediately given to Sunan Kudus . Sunan Kudus after seeing the pitcher that he is not good and mediocre that does not deserve to be awarded to the guests from China , his face turned cynical and less willing to accept with the pitcher and dilemparkanlah . Once the jug is broken , behold the beautiful paintings , where the middle-middle sentences creed written .

Immediately he showed kekagumanya terperanjatlah , so he realized how Kyai Telingsing is a person who has karomah . Among the sayings of Kyai Telingsing , ” Prayer Sacolo Saloho sampurna Donga ‘ , meaning : Prayer is a perfect prayer Lenggahing panggenan Tersetihing Koran , meaning Putting yourself on something true , holy and praiseworthy .

She is now his grave in the village Sunggingan , Holy . There are some people who say that he is a sculptor who entered the Sun Ging flow . From the name of Sun Ging is then going Nyungging word that means to sculpt or carve , and from Sung Ging said it was also happening Sungingan name until now.

That said , his grandson named Jake Tarub or Ki Ageng Tarub managed to marry an angel he stole shawl , the Goddess Nawangwulan . Which gave birth to the Goddess Nawangsih ago married to Raden Bondan Peteng Kejawan or ox , which is the ancestor of Ki Ageng Sela .

That said , expertise and chisel carving Kyai Telingsing spread to areas around the Holy , such as Jepara , Demak , Apex , Pati even Blora . Yet another version says that in Jepara , sculpture developed by a Chinese named Tji Wie Gwan brought by Raden Toyib after returning from Campa studied Islam for five years . Where then was married to Raden Toyib Kalinyamat Queen of Jepara .

Tji own Wie Gwan Mantingan then managed to build the mosque in 1559 AD , so then the Queen and her husband Kalinyamat bestowed a new name for Tji Wie Gwan be Sungging Duwung Badr . Sungging means carving expert , Badr together with stone and chisel Duwung meaning .

Badar Sungging Duwung what is known as a forerunner of Jepara carving which gradually became known all over the country and world . It is said that he also took part of the manufacture of the Holy Mosque in Loram and the Holy Mosque Tower .

Badar Sungging Duwung reduce their knowledge to the public in the area surrounding both in Jepara and Kudus and bring the experts choose sparring carved from time to time are increasing in number . Skills are directly and indirectly useful in the process of making the traditional house.

While the name of Sing Ling aka The Kyai Telingsing , until now immortalized as the name of a street in the Holy city . The roads around there is also a village or a village named Sunggingan are thought to originate from the Sun said Ging . The area was formerly thought to be the residence of the engraver and sculptor results upbringing of Kyai Telingsing

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