Sunan Giri aka Raden Paku

18 Oct

sunan giri
Sunan Giri was thrown into the sea by the King last was . Initially , the father of Sunan Giri – Maulana Ishak – deliberately spread Islam in Blambangan . At that time the last was hit by outbreaks of diseases including last was the daughter of King , Goddess Sekardadu . While many physicians fail to treat , the king opened the contest will take the law anyone who is able to heal her daughter . When successfully treat Goddess Sekardadu , Sheikh Maulana Ishak also Islamize Menak Sembuyu King and all the royal family . Then Goddess Sekardadu was married to Maulana Ishak .
King Menak Sembuyu are not sincere to Muslims feel jealous watching the spread of Islam in Blambangan . He began blocking the symbols of Islam and sent people to kill Maulana Ishak . Maulana Isaac finally returned to Pasai Sekardadu leaving a pregnant goddess . She asked her son would be named Raden Paku . When born , the baby is apparently the target of hatred Menak Sembuyu until discharged into the sea in a crate .
When a merchant ship Gresik find this baby , he was handed over to Nyai Ageng Pinatih shipowners . This baby was called Joko Samudro and schooled in the hermitage of Sunan Ampel to obtain the title Maulana Ainul Yaqin for his wit . After years of study , Joko Samudro and Makhdum Maulana Ibrahim ( Sunan Bonang ) – son of Sunan Ampel – sent deep knowledge in Mecca after a stop at Pasai – to face Maulana Ishak . Sunan Ampel apparently deliberately bring Raden Paku with his biological father . After seven years of study in Pasai Raden Paku back to Java with the provision of setting up a handful of soil and command schools .
Before setting the home to the boarding school in Giri , Raden Paku ponder for days to seek God . He will set up a boarding school but a place that required the father he has not been found . The boarding school he founded in Gresik must , on the ground that the same characteristics that brought his father to the ground .
When Raden Paku see a hill in the village Sidomukti , Kebomas , he decided to build their boarding school in the small mountain . Raden Paku was then known as Sunan Giri means mountain . In this place Sunan Giri teach Islam to be known throughout Java , even Madura , Lombok , Kalimantan , Sulawesi , and Maluku . Sunan Giri is also a teacher for students from China and Europe apart from the Egyptian and Arab .
Pesantren Sunan Giri upbringing characterized by the purity of Islam based on the Qur’an and Sunnah Rasul . For local customs he can not be mixed with Islam because it undermines the purity of Islam , fit with the opinion of Sunan Ampel and Sunan Drajat . This opinion is contrary to the preaching Kalidjaga Sunan by utilizing existing culture , as done also by Sunan Bonang , Sunan Muria , Sunan Kudus , and Sunan Gunung Jati . When about to be unveiled Sunan Demak Mosque cs Kalidjaga want to hold the puppet but Sunan Giri mengharamkannya as humanlike puppet form . That’s why Sunan Kalidjaga transform into thin puppet .
Sunan Giri had led the trustees replace Sunan Ampel who died in 1478 . He earned his Satmata King in 1487 . As the political and constitutional experts believe Sunan Giri develop rules and guidelines for public administration procedures palace .
Due to the collapse of Majapahit attack in 1478 Kalinga Kediri also raises Sunan Giri as interim leader before finally handed over to the King of Majapahit, Brawijaya Kertabhumi son , Raden Patah . Thus was born Demak Bintoro as the first Islamic kingdom in Java . Not only Demak , Mataram birth Pajang and was not separated from the role of Sunan Giri .
Sunan Giri died in 1506 at the age of 63 years . His tomb is in the village of Giri Kebomas Gresik district .

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