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Prophet Ibrahim dan Prophet Ismail Establishing Kaaba

Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail Establishing Kaaba

February 24, 2007 by Admin Ulama Sunnah

Allah Subhanahu has ordered Prophet Ibrahim wata’ala ‘ alaihi salam to establish Baitul ‘ Atiq , the mosque is reserved for those people to worship Allaah .

God then showed to Abraham , where the building should be constructed . Abraham passes God leadeth revelation to him .

The scholars of the Salaf said that at every level of the sky there is a house . The inhabitants of the heavens to worship God in the house . Therefore , Allah commanded Prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam make the building as it is also in the face of the earth .

How does the story of the construction of the Kaaba by Prophet Ibrahim, who is assisted by his son Prophet Ismail ‘s this? The story is rather long . We start now huh …

Previously , Ibrahim alahi greetings brought his wife Hagar and his son Ishmael to Makkah region . At that time , in a state Hajar breastfeeding her son .

Abraham then put Hagar and Ishmael to a place next to a big tree . At that time , in that place there is not nobody there nor water . Abraham then leave them along geribah in which there are dates, as well as vessels containing water .

When Prophet Ibrahim was about to depart , Hajar followed him as he asked , “O Ibrahim , where are you going? Are you going to leave us in this valley when there is no one and no food whatsoever ? ”

Hajar said it many times , but Abraham was not ignored . Hagar then asked , ” What God has commanded you to do this ? ” Abraham then replied , “Yes . ” Hajar then said , “He will not let us . ” Hagar then back .

In areas Tsaniah , when he lost sight of the figure which his family left , Abraham prayed ,

” Our Lord , indeed I have put most of my offspring in a valley that has no plants near the house you ( Baitullah ) are respected . Ya Rabb We ( such) that they establish the prayer , then make the hearts of some men tend to them and give them sustenance from fruits , hopefully they are grateful . ”
Padang pasir
When their water supply runs out , Hagar was searching for water for her and her son . He went to the hill of Safa , searching there anyone in there , but he did not find anyone there .

Hagar was then going to Marwah and searching people in it . He also does not have one . Read the rest of this entry »

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Story Complete Story of Prophet Ismail slaughtered by Siti Hajar

Story of Prophet Ibrahim

cerita nabi ismailIslamic stories to review the story of the prophet Ismail , The story begins when the Prophet Ibrahim as who had emigrated to leave Egypt , he along with his wife named Sarah , and her ladies were named Hagar to Palestine . He also brings animals to move all his cattle, and all his possessions were obtained from the trading business in Egypt .

story of prophet ismail

Al – Bukhari narrated from ibunu Abbas ra said : First of all who use stegi ( setagen ) is the mother of Prophet Ismail beat that aims to hide its content from siti sarah who has long been married to Prophet Ibrahim but not as well as it contains , no matter how well tetapu finally opened the hidden secret to the birth of Prophet Ishmael . Naturally of course a wife , siti sarah felt had been defeated by a lady as a Hagar was given to Abraham . From that moment siti sarah feels that her husband is more often near kpada Siti Hajar , because he was delighted with the presence of Ismail . Of course this being the cause of their rift household as the Prophet Ibrahim , Siti Sarah saw her heart was not strong closer to Siti Hajar , so he asked the Prophet Ibrahim that Siti Hajar kept away and move on. Read the rest of this entry »

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” Aad ” is the name of the father of a tribe that lived in the Arabian peninsula at a place called ” Al – Ahqaf ” is located in the north of Yemen and Hadramaut between Umman and includes the oldest tribes after the famous Noah and physical force in the form of bodies large and sasa . They dikurniai by God s.w.t. arable land with water sources that flow from all directions sehinggakan bercucuk planting to facilitate their groceries them and beautify their homes with flower gardens are beautiful – beautiful . Thanks to the gift of God s.w.t. that they live a prosperous , prosperous and happy , and in a short time they multiply and become the biggest tribe among the tribes that live around him .

As with the Noah Hud is the Aad tribe are living spiritual not know God the Almighty Creator of the universe . They make sculptures , named ” Shamud ” and ” Alhattar ” and was worshiped as a god by those who they can trust to give happiness , goodness and benefits as well as to resist evil , and all disaster losses . Religious teachings and Prophet Idris and Prophet Noah was not etched on the hearts , souls and how their day-to- day life . Enjoyment of life that they ‘re drowning in it thanks to the fertile soil and abundant produce according to their assumption is kurniaan and administering both their idols they worship . Kerananya they are not dotted bow down to idols was both grateful he begged his protection from all dangers and mushibah form of disease or drought . Read the rest of this entry »

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The story of Adam and Noah Prophet Idris

Story of Prophet Adam Alaihi Salam

After God created the earth with mountains , oceans and sea – grown – its plants , creating a sky with sun , moon and the stars which shine creates a kind of angels are spirits created to serve a mediator between the Almighty with Substance servants , especially the apostles and prophets then came the will of Allah SWT to create another kind of creature that would inhabit and fill the earth keep enjoying its vegetation , managing wealth in them and breed – hereditary heir inherits all time which was destined for him . Read the rest of this entry »

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The storyof Prophet Idris U.S

Prophet Idris as a descendant of Cain and Iqlima ( son and daughter of Prophet Adam ) Idris assigned to this keturununannya God invites to the truth .

Prophet Idris was the first to receive revelation through the Angel Gabriel , when he was 82 years old . There was no information about the exact location of the life of Idris ( Hurmus al – Haramisah ) assigned to fix the posterity of Cain ‘s character .

There were calls Munaf area , Egypt , but those that are called Babylon . What is certain is that since small Idris learn science from the Prophet Syits ( Son of Adam ) , her prophetic revelation has been revealed .

” And Tell ( O Muhammad to them , the story of ) Idris ( mentioned ) in the Qur’an . Indeed it is a very correct and a prophet . And We raised him to a high dignity . ” ( Surah Maryam : 56-57 )

Idris according to the history of Hadith Bukhari is the father of Noah’s grandfather means Prophet Idris is the sixth generation of Adam , Noah himself as a descendant given to ten of Adam .

Excess Prophet Idris U.S

nabi+idris+asprophet idris + + as
Prophet Idris as having several advantages alias miracle from God :

First , he was the first man who knows how to read and write with a pen . To Idrislah Allah give 30 sahifah aka suhuf sheets teachings of God , containing instructions to be delivered to his people .

Secondly , the Prophet Idris was given an assortment of knowledge ranging from merancak ( care ) horse , astronomy ( falaq ) , until the alias numerology mathematics . Read the rest of this entry »

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