The story of Prophet Lut and his people

23 Apr

 The story of Prophet Lut and his people                                                                                             Prophet Lut was the son of the Prophet Aaron , the brother of Abraham. Luth was chosen by God as the Apostle at the time of the Prophet Abraham is still alive , even Prophet Lut have accompanied the Prophet Abraham emigrated to Palestine . Thus , Prophet Lut get an education and many sacred teachings of his uncle .

Menceritahkan Allah and his people the story of Prophet Lut in the Qur’an sura al – Ankabut [ 29 ] : 26 ,

” And Lut believed in him and he ( Lut ) said : ‘ Verily I will emigrate to the way of Allah . Indeed He is the Mighty, All-Wise ”

Prophet Lut residing away from his uncle , Ibrahim Abraham in Palestine west , was the Prophet Lut in Jordan in the city of Sodom , the eastern end of the ground Urdun .

The Prophet Luth in Sodom would deny the existence of God . In addition , they also do a damned job . They do not want to marry women , but instead to love and marry the same sex ( homosexual ) . Such acts are acts that accursed and prohibited by religion . Allah describes this in al – Quran in surah as- Syu ` ara [ 26 ] :165 – 166 .

” Are you out of all creatures , approach men ? And you leave your wives whom the Lord has made ​​for you ? No, in fact you are a people who violate the boundaries ”

Da’wah Prophet Lut a U.S.
Kisah+Nabi+Luth+AS+ + The story of Prophet Lut + U.S.
Prophet Lut invites his people to believe in Allah swt and threaten their actions with punishment. Prophet Lut as saying , ” I am a messenger of God , then ye fear Allah and patuhlah you to command and ajakanku . I did not ask for any reward from you for the hint and the truth is I cry to you , but God alone who will reward me “

The Prophet Lut Lut denied invitation . They said , ” If you do not stop bad-mouthing us , then we will throw you out of this country ”

Prophet Lut replied , ” Really I do not agree and I hate the act ”

The Sodom besides Homosexual behavior , they also commit other heinous crimes . They rob the travelers and their meperkosa .

Prophet Lut often reminded his people , but they are actually behind the mocking Prophet Lut . Even those that oppose the punishment handed down . As written in the Koran sura al – Ankabut [ 29 ] :28 – 29 ” If you are correct in that your threat , then segerakanlah torture and bring it .. ”

Going angel Lut U.S

Because the people of Lut pembangan is so severe , then God will punish these people . For it then Allah sent the angel to come home and tell the Luth .

The angel came as a man . The angel then be seated . Lut Prophet then said , “Gentlemen , I’m actually pleased to welcome guests . I like it when guests spend the night at my house , but the state of the city is not safe . What are the three sisters are young and handsome ” outrage Prophet Lut also narrated in al – Quran sura al – Ankabut [ 29 ] : 33

Prophet Lut then explained the matter to his guests . The presence of the guests of Prophet Lut invited the attention of Sodom . They are interested in living a Prophet Lut . They want the guests of Prophet Lut . Prophet Lut was ashamed to his guest .

Narrated in the Qur’an , ” When it comes to the thread We Luth , and they are not happy and a narrow chest , and he said , ‘ This is a very hard one day . Then came to him his people immediately find it , indeed since they had previously done some disaster , Luth said , ‘ That’s my daughter who may marry , they are more sacred to you . Fear ye God , and do not do humiliation at my guest . It is not one of you men who think straight ” ( Surah Hud [ 11 ] :77 – 78 ) .

They answered , ” they replied , ‘ Surely you already know that we do not need your daughter , and you also know what we want ( ie fellow man) ” ( Surah Hud [ 11 ] : 79 )

The Sodom are constantly kept interrupting his guests make the Prophet Lut getting anxious and angry with his people , in a state of anxiety , the guests of Prophet Lut tell that they were angels sent from God to him . Prophet Lut then be relieved .

As the word of God , the angel said , “O Lot, indeed we are messengers of thy Lord . Every now and then they can not bother you , so go with friends and followers – followers at the end of the night , and let no one of you is left behind , except your wife ( wife of Prophet Lut as infidels ) . Indeed he will be overwritten doom that may befall them . For indeed the fall of doom to them is at dawn ; dawn was not imminent ? When it comes command ( doom ) Us . We made the people of Lut high country to be low ( we turn it over ) , and we drop it from the hard rock on it in a row ( hail ) , which is marked by your Lord . Nor punishment will happen , except the unjust . ” ( Surah Hud [ 11 ] :81 – 83 )

Thus the Prophet Lut as the country destroyed by God . Allah gives an extremely terrible earthquake to people of Sodom , so that the earth turned and forth and accompanied with mixed stone hujuan lit a fire that ignited and messy . Prophet Lut and his followers survived the punishment of Allah .
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