Story of Prophet Ibrahim a U.S.

22 Apr


abi Ibrahim is the son Aaazar ( Must to Go Historical ) Tahur bin bin bin Saruj Rau ‘bin Falij Aaabir bin bin bin Arfakhsyad Syalih bin Nuh ibn Saam He was born in a place called ” Faddam A’ram ” in the kingdom ” Babylon ” which at that time was ruled by a king named ” Nimrod bin Kan’aan . “
Kingdom of Babylon at that time including a prosperous kingdom , the people live happy , prosperous and all-sufficient in circumstances means that a growth in their life purposes . However, the level of their spiritual lives still at the level of ignorance ( ignorance ) . They do not know their Creator God who has given them all the worldly pleasures and happiness . Their offerings are the statues of their own carving stones or made ​​of mud and soil .

Their king Nimrod bin Kan’aan run rule with an iron fist and absolute power . All will be carried out and all orders are laws that can not be violated or in freshwater . Great power that was in his hand and the luxury of extravagant living that he enjoyed making the long run he is not satisfied with his position as king . He felt he should be worshiped by his people as a god . He thinks if people want and are willing to worship statues made ​​of stone which was not beneficial and bring happiness to them , why not himself to be worshiped as a god . He can speak , can hear , can think , can lead them , to bring prosperity to them and let go of the misery and distress . He can transform poor people into rich and the appointment of a person who despised noble . besides it all , she is the reigning monarch and has a large and extensive country .
In the midst of such bad people , Abraham was born of a father who worked as a sculptor and sculpture trader . He was a man of God and the Apostle candidate who will bring to light the truth to his people , who have inspired common sense and a sharp mind and an awareness that what has been done by his people , including his own father is doing the ignorance and misguided indicating that the offerings of his people to the statues it is unjust act that must be fought in order that they return to the true sacrifice is an offering to God Almighty , God the creator of this universe .
During adolescence often told Abraham his father around town peddling homemade statues but by faith and the unity that has been inspired by God to him, he was not eager to peddle such items even mocked it offers the statues of his father to the prospective buyer with words : “Who will buy statues is useless ? “

Prophet Ibrahim Want to See How The Dead Creatures Turned Back By God
Prophet Ibrahim who was resolute about to shirk fighting and sacrifice, which takes place in the community of his people want first mempertebalkan his faith and belief as well as clean of doubts which may occasionally disturbed her by praying to God that He’s shown him how to revive the creatures the dead . He cried out to God : ” O my Lord ! Bring me how you animate creatures are already dead . ” God answered his call by saying : ” Do not you have faith and believe in my power ? ” Abraham replied : ” Yes , O my Lord , I have faith and believe in You and to thy power , but I ‘d love to see it with the eyes my own head , so I got the peace and serenity in my heart and to be more bold and steadfast faith to thee and to thy power . “
God allows plea diperintahkanlah Abraham then he caught four birds and cut it into pieces and mix – blend , then the body of a bird that has been crushed and mingled it is placed on top of each hill tops of the four hills that far apart from each other .
Having done what has been suggested by Allah , the Prophet Ibrahim diperintahlah calling birds had torn apart his body and every piece of the bird’s body .
With the permission of Allah and His power came four birds that fly in one piece lifeless as usual when he heard the call and the call of Prophet Ibrahim and hinggaplah four birds that came to life in front of him , seen with his own eyes how God can revive Sovereign His re- creation of the dead as He created him of something that does not exist . And thus was reached what is desired by the Prophet Ibrahim to mententeramkan heart and eliminate the possibility of doubt in faith and belief , that the power and will of God, there is nothing in heaven or on earth that can hinder or oppose it and just said ” Kun ” which was spoken His by then there will be what is desired ” Fayakun ” .

Prophet Ibrahim preach to his biological father
Aazar , father Abraham as his nation to another , and godless idolatry even he is a trader of the sculptures are made ​​and dipahatnya own and her people buying sculptures used as offerings .
Prophet Ibrahim felt that the first duty he had to do before preaching to others is to awaken her father first , those closest to him , that trust and offering to idols was an act of misguided and ignorant . He felt that the worship of his father requires them to enlighten him to let go of the misguided belief that faith in God and follow the Almighty .
In a respectful manner and etiquette that should be exhibited by a child against his parents and with smooth words he came to his father and said that he diutuskan by God as a prophet and apostle , and that he had been inspired by the knowledge and science that is not owned by father . He asked his father gently pushed him what his people to worship idols such , even though he knows that idols are not useful in the slightest , it can not be profitable for the worshipers or prevent loss or disaster . Also explained to his father that the worship of idols, it is merely teaching the devil is an enemy to mankind since Adam down to the bum . He cried out to his father in order to reflect and think about the advice and invitation to fall away from the idols and worship back to God who created human beings and all beings are turned on , giving them sustenance and enjoyment of life and empower the earth and everything in it to man .
Aazar became furious and angry to hear the words of his son cry , because his own son had dared to criticize and insult mengajakkannya even trust his father to abandon the faith and religion and the religion of Prophet Ibrahim brought. He did not hide his anger and rage , but he puts the words in the rough and invective as if there is no blood relationship between them . He said to Abraham with angry tone : “O Ibrahim ! Berpalingkah you of confidence and persembahanku ? And confidence is that you give me that encouraged me to follow ? Thou shalt not raise my anger and try mendurhakaiku . Penyelewenganmu If you do not stop the father of religion is not you stop condemn yourselves and malign persembahanku , then you get out of my house . I will not be with you in a home under one roof . Get thee out of my face before I come to you with a stone and hurt you . “
Prophet Ibrahim responding to anger his father , his violent words with poise , normal as the child ‘s father , saying : ” O my father ! Hope you survived , I will keep you ask for forgiveness from God and will leave you with offerings in addition to God . Easily I hope I do not become a wretched and miserable with my prayer for you . ” Abraham went out to leave his father’s house in a state of sad and concerned for failing to lift him from the valley of shirk and kufr .

Prophet Ibrahim Destroying Idols
Failure of Prophet Ibrahim in the wake of his father who lost his business was so pierced his heart because he was a good son wants to see his father being shot in the right path of misguidance and shirk valley . But he realized that the guidance is in the hands of God and how ever he wants with all her heart that her father got the guidance , if not desired by God is futile desire and effort .
Rejection of his father to his message in a way that rude and cruel in the least affect weaken her resolve and enthusiasm to continue to enlighten his people to leave a false offerings and beliefs that are contrary to monotheism and faith in Allah and His Messenger
Prophet Ibrahim not stop his people in every opportunity to invite dialogue and preach about their religious beliefs and teachings that he brought . And it turns out that if they are not able to refute the reasons and the arguments put forward by the Prophet Abraham and his teachings about the truth of their belief in the falsehood that old excuse that they put forward is that they just continue what the fathers and their fathers done before and sometimes they will not let go of trust and faith they have inherited .
Prophet Ibrahim finally feel useful again and preach to his people argue that hard-headed and do not want to receive information and tangible evidence put forward by him , they always hold on to the only reason that they would not deviate from the way of the ancestors offerings them , although by Prophet Ibrahim stated many times that they and their ancestors wrong and lost to follow Satan and the devil .
Prophet Ibrahim then plan to prove to his people with real deeds that they can see with their own eyes that the idols and statues they actually did them and can not even save himself .
Is already a tradition and customs of the kingdom of Babylon at that time , every year they are out of town on a rollicking feast day which they regard as sacred . Days they live outside the city in an open field , camping with to bring food and drinks were pretty . Their merriment and fun while leaving their towns empty and silent . They shout and invite all residents to come out to leave the house and also a rollicking honor the holy days . Prophet Ibrahim who also invited to take part , but the Prophet Ibrahim malingering and diizinkanlah he lived in the house especially when they are concerned that the disease Prophet Ibrahim who contrived it will spread among them when he participated .
When looking at the city was empty of people , to bring an ax in hand he went to where his people beribadatan that has been left without guards , without a caretaker and just a row of statues that look the porch was a place of worship . While pointing to the god of flowers and food are in each foot statue , said the Prophet Ibrahim : ” Why do not you eat delicious food that disaljikan for you? Hear me and said – katalah you ! . ” Then kicked , and dipukullah statues and smashed to pieces with an ax in his hands . The biggest statue left intact , undisturbed and on his neck dikalungkanlah Prophet Ibrahim ‘s ax .
Shocked and alarmed the inhabitants , when they come home from feasting outside the city and see the state of the statues , their gods and shattered into pieces strewn on the floor . Ask one of them to one another, ” Who hath dared to do evil deeds and heinous offerings to gods are these? ” One of them said : ” There is a possibility that the person who is always making fun and mocking our offerings named Ibrahim ‘s what this brave acts . ” The other adds a caption saying : “He certainly did , because he is the only person who lived in the city when we all were out celebrating the holy day , and hallowed it . ” Finally there is the certainty that no doubt that the Ibrahimlah damage and destroy the statues . The people of the town abuzz talking about the incident is considered an event or insult that can not be forgiven for their beliefs and offerings . Sound angry , irritated and curse sounded from all directions , which demanded that the perpetrators be held accountable in an open court , where all the people of the city residents can participate witness .
And that’s exactly what is expected by the Prophet Ibrahim that his trial be open society in which all citizens can participate witness . Because in this way he can covertly attacking their beliefs preach a false and perverted it , as he explained the truth of religion and belief he was carrying , among which are present whenever there that could open the heart of the faith of monotheism he taught and preach .
Today the court determined and people come from all corners flocked visited the open fields provided for the trial.
When Prophet Ibrahim came to the judges who will hear, he was greeted by the people with a shout curses and insults , indicating very angry pagans against him who had dared to destroy their offerings .
Ditanyalah Prophet Ibrahim by the judges : ” Did you perform the destruction and destroy our gods ? ” With a calm and cool demeanor , Prophet Ibrahim replied : ” Statue sweepstakes big ax on his neck that’s what did it. Just ask only for the statues who destroyed it . ” The judge paused as he saw that one to the other and whispering , as if Abraham was mocking them . Then the judge said : “You know that the statues were not able to speak and say why are you asking us to ask him ? ” Came the era which was anticipated by the Prophet Ibrahim , then the answer to the last question he addressed the falsehood spread their offerings , which they defend vigorously, solely because of tradition and heritage of ancestors . Abraham said to the judges : ” If that is so , why do you worship the statues , which can not be said , can not see and can not hear , can not bring benefit or harm refused , can not even help himself from destruction and destruction ? What a fool you with confidence and offering you that! Do not be the reason you think that you are offering a false deed that is only understood by the devil . Why do not worship a God who created you , created nature around you and empower you in the earth with all its contents and wealth . How vile you by offering you that. “
Having finished his speech outlining the Prophet Abraham , the judges decided that Prophet Ibrahim had to be burned alive as punishment for his actions humiliate and destroy their gods , then the judge said to the people who were present witnessed the court : ” Burn it and defend your god , if you are truly loyal to him . “

Prophet Ibrahim Burned Alive
The court’s decision was handed down . Prophet Ibrahim had to be punished by burning alive in a big fire , for sin has been done . Preparation for the burning ceremony will be witnessed by all the people prepared . Terrain for kiln supplied and firewood gathering held each population with the number of mutual assistance should bring firewood as much as he can as a sign of devotion to their gods offerings that have been destroyed by Prophet Ibrahim .
Duyunlah together, residents from all over town carrying firewood as a donation and sign of devotion to their god . Among women who are pregnant and sick people who bring donations kindling the hope of getting blessings from their gods to cure disease or to protect them when she is pregnant in maternity .
Having collected firewood in lanpangan provided for the burning ceremony and stacked and arranged like a hill , then burned and formed a devastating volcanic . Later in the bound state , the Prophet Ibrahim brought in and out of the top of a high building into a pile of wood he dilemparkanlah burning it to the accompaniment of the word of God : “O fire , becomes you cool and safety for Ibrahim . “
Since the sentencing decision until he was thrown into the hill fires blazing , Abraham continued to show poise and trust by faith and belief that God will not willingly relinquish a lackey servant and sacrificial fire food ferocity infidels the enemy of God . And rightly so what happens when he is in a terrible fire that he felt cold in accordance with God’s call and just Protector ropes and chains that bound his hands and feet were burned , while the body and clothing is attached to its body remains intact , not least was untouched by the fire , it is a miracle given by God to Abraham in order to continue delivering the minutes assigned to the slaves of Allah who lost it .
The audience was astonished when he saw the burning ceremony Prophet Ibrahim out of the hillside fire was extinguished and the ashes are safe , intact with clothes remain as usual , there was no sign of fire slightest touch . They left the field in a state of wonder , wondering to himself and among each other how miraculous thing that happened , but supposedly they are the real sins of Abraham disobeyed the gods they worship and worship . There are some of them who in his heart began to doubt the truth of their religion , but do not dare to show a sense of ragunya it to other people , are the rulers and leaders they feel disappointed and ashamed , because they impose the penalties themselves Prophet Ibrahim and bustle of people gather firewood for weeks have ended in failure , so that they feel ashamed to Abraham and his followers .
Miracle granted by God S.W.T. to Abraham as proof of the truth of his message , has raised havoc in the belief some people to sacrifice and their statues , and opened many eyes of their hearts to rethink the invitation of Prophet Ibrahim and his message , even less than those who want to express their faith to Abraham , but worried their livelihoods will get in trouble due to anger and revenge of princes and nobles who will probably be furious to learn that his influence has turned to the Prophet Ibrahim .

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