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Thamud is the name of a tribe which by some historians put part of the Arab nations and others classify them into the Jewish nation . They lived in a land called ” Alhijir ” lies between Hijaz and Sham were formerly colonized and controlled including Aad tribe who had perished in the  tornado swept sent by God as a retaliation for their defiance and denial of the mission and the minutes of the Prophet Hud AS

Prosperity and the luxuries of life and natural resources that once owned and enjoyed by the people of Aad had been inherited by the Tsamud.Tanah – fertile soil that yields abundant , animals and the fat cow breed , flower gardens beautiful – beautiful Yag , building houses built on level ground and dipahatnya of gunung.Semuanya it makes them live in peace , prosperity and bahgia , feel safe from any natural disturbance and bahawa luxuries they will eternal life for them and their children .

Thamudic not know God . God They are the idols they worship and devotion , to him berqurban Mk , where Mk requested reinforcements and protection from all calamities and expect kindness and kebahagiaan.Mrk no one can see or think further and what is interchangeable with the Mk reach the senses.

The prophet Saleh preach to Thamud

Allah the Merciful and Most Merciful will not let hamba_Nya servant is in perpetual darkness without side messengers he sent his prophets to enlighten and lead Mark out of the wrong path to the right path . Similarly, God will not degrade doom and seksaan to a people before Mark was warned and given by him to petunjukkan intermediaries chosen to be a messenger and His apostles . This applies also to the sunnatullah Thamudic , who told Mark had a diutuskan Nabi Saleh have been his own tribe of Mark , from a prominent family and respected by his people , renowned agile , wise , humble and welcoming in the association .

Mark was introduced to the Lord by the prophet Saleh who sepatut Mk worship , the Lord God Almighty , who has created the Mark , Mark created the environment , creating fertile soils that produce the necessaries of life bhn – bhn Mark , creating animals that benefit and useful for Mk and thus giving to Mark pleasure and luxuries of life and happiness born and batin.Tuhan the One that must be worshiped and not Mk sculptures Mark chisel itself from the mountain rocks are not ruling giving to Mark or protect Mark from fear and danger .
Prophet Saleh warned Mark that he is someone that a drp Mark , intertwined between themselves and their family ties and blood . Mark is his people and his relatives and he was collateral and tribesmen with mrk.Ia expect goodness and virtue for Mk and Mk occasionally will not plunge into the things that will bring harm , misery and destruction for the Mk . He explained to Mark that It is the messenger and the messenger of Allah , and what is taught and preached God’s message to Mark is that he has to say to Mark for the good of the lifetime Mk Mk Mk and after death in the Hereafter . He expects his people to consider and seriously think about what he had called and recommend and order Mark to leave offerings to the idols and trusting faith in Allah Almighty as he repent and beg His forgiveness of sin and shirk that during this Mark has great lakukan.Allah close to Mark and Mark listened to the wrong forgives when requested .

Terperanjatlah Saleh hear the appeal and that his message for Mark is not a new thing that will supposedly come from siblings or children sendiri.Maka Concurrent Mark ditolaklah Nabi Saleh ‘s call them to him , saying : “O Salih ! Our shipper intelligent, agile and intelligent , sharp fikiranmu and opinions as well as all your consideration is always right . on you we saw signs of virtue and commendable traits . we expect of you is actually to memimpinkami resolve complex matters that we face , giving instructions in the matter – dark matter to us and to follow and trust us when we face a crisis and kesusahan.Akan but any hope of it being missed and our confidence unto this day slip by your behavior and follow- horn that violate the customs and procedures of our lives . Did that you call on us ? ye wants us to leave our offerings and our ancestors , and religious offerings that have become our flesh and blood become partly lives since we were born and we still hold true for long – lamanya.Kami occasionally will not leave because seruanmu and we will not follow that the cult . We do not believe in conversation even doubting your wild kenabianmu . We will not disobey our ancestors with offerings left Mark and follow your tracks . ”

Prophet Saleh warned them not to oppose it and to follow his call for faith in God that has mengurniai Mark vast fortune and a prosperous livelihood . Mark told the story of the families who received seksa and Wrath of God as opposed to His apostles and reject His message . Something similar happened in the collapsible top mahu Mark if Mark does not accept his message and hear his advice , he gave the sincere and honest as a member of a large family and that Mark was not expecting or demanding wage drp ‘s Mark for his efforts . He only convey the message of God assigned to him and it is God who will give him wages and reward for his efforts to provide leadership and demands Mk .

A small group of Thamud who kebanyakkannya consists of the people who received a weak social position preaching Nabi Saleh and believe in him , while friends one of the largest principally Mk belonging to the rich and the resident remains obstinate and arrogant Nabi Saleh reject the invitation and deny the prophethood and said to him : “O Salih ! We suppose that you have been possessed by Satan and exposed sihir.Engkau has become insane and suffering from mental illness . ‘ve changed your mind and fikiranmu already messed up so you are not aware has been issued by the sayings that make no sense and maybe you did not understand . thou confess that thou hast diutuskan by the Lord as His prophets and apostles . Was drp strong suit us all that you have chosen to be an apostle , even though there are those among us who is more worthy and more cekap to be a prophet or messengers thou drp . purpose with empty talk and your words just wants to pursue the position and was appointed to be the head and leader of kaummu.Jika you feel that you counsel and counsel body mind and admitted that you do not have direction and purpose shrouded in dakwahmu the broadcast then cut it yourselves with your new religion and insult our ancestors offerings sendiri.Kami will not follow your path and leave a path that has been taken by the people our parents first.

Nabi Saleh replied : ” I have repeatedly told you that I did not expect anything in return for my efforts drpmu tuntunandan give information to you . Wage I do not expect or yearn for rank and position is that I do my business solely on the orders of Allah His drp and someday I hope to return and reward it . and how I can follow you and strand assignment and mandate of God to me , and I talah obtain corroborative evidence to the truth once in a while you ‘d expect bahawa dakwahku.Jgnlah I will disobey my Lord and dereliction of duty to Him merely to continue offering our ancestors was a false . who will protect me from the wrath and punishment of God if I do so ? Indeed you will only hurt and destroy me with seruanmu it . ”

After the attempt failed and succeeded in stopping the propagation of Nabi Saleh and saw he was even more keen to attract people to follow him and sided with the leaders and leaders Thamudic trying to stem the flow was about preaching mendpt of growing concern , especially in the middle of the subordinate society . Mark against the Prophet Saleh and to prove the truth of his prophethood with a proof of a miracle in the form of objects or extraordinary events that are beyond human control .

Miracles God Gave To Nabi Saleh a U.S.

Nabi Saleh bahawa conscious defiance of his people are demanding proof of a miracle drpnya it is aimed want to eliminate their influence and authority eroded in the eyes of his people , especially his followers when he failed to meet the demands of opposition and Mark . Nabi Saleh defiance Mark replied by demanding an appointment with Mark when he managed to bring the miracle that Mark asked that Mark will leave religion and offerings and Mark will follow the Prophet Saleh and believe in him .

In accordance with the requests and instructions princes Thamudic Nabi Saleh pray ask God to give him a miracle to prove the truth of his message and simultaneously break the resistance and defiance of his people who still insist that head . He begged of God with His might create a female camel issued from the bowels of a large rock on the side of a hill terdpt they appoint .
Then a moment later with the permission of Allah Almighty Creator again split the designated rock and out of the stomach a female camel .

By pointing to a new animal out of the belly of the stone was said to Nabi Saleh to Mark : “This is the camel of God , do not bother and let it find its own food on earth God he had a turn for mendptkan drinking water and you have to turn mendptkan drink for you and for ternakanmu well and know that God is going to lose his doom when you get to disturb this beast . ”
Then berkeliaranlah camels in the fields eating grass as they please without interference mendpt . And when their turn arrives drinking camel ‘s go into a cistern cistern named yyang camel and drink his heart ‘s content . And in the days of Prophet Saleh ‘s camel ‘s turn came to drink no other beast dare him, things which cause resentment on the animal owners who increasingly feel that the camel of Nabi Saleh in the middle like they are a bother transverse thorn in the throat .

With the success of Nabi Saleh mendtgkan miracle that Mark demanded gagallah Thamudic leaders in his quest to bring down the honor and eliminate pegaruh Nabi Saleh even otherwise has added his followers bold confidence and a lot of doubts disappeared from his people . Then dihasutlah by Mark ranch owners who get annoyed and not happy with the camel of Nabi Saleh are rampant in the fields and gardens of Mark and feared by pet animals .

Prophet Saleh Camel Killed

Conspiracy organized by the people of Thamud to regulate draft camel Nabi Saleh murder . And while people are still overshadowed by the fear of punishment threatened by Nabi Saleh when a camel harassed alongside the encouragement of a strong desire to eliminate the beast of the earth’s Mark , there was suddenly a wealthy dowager who offers to surrender himself to whom Saleh kill camels are interchangeable . In addition to the widow ‘s no other woman who has some pretty – pretty princess offers will award one of his daughters to the men who had killed the camel .

Two kinds of tempting gifts yyang two women beside incitement Thamud leaders invited two men named Mushadda ‘ Muharrij and Gudar bin Salif bin packing would commit murder to achieve the promised prizes in addition to adulation and praise that will be received from the pagan Thamud tribe when the camel of Nabi Saleh have been killed .
With the help of seven men lie low again set it in a place where normally be passed by a camel on his way to the cistern where It is drinking . And so the camels are innocent then immediately arrows calves by Musadda ‘ followed by Gudar to thrust his sword in his stomach .

With a magnificent feeling and pride go camel ‘s killers to deliver the news capital of the death of the Prophet Saleh Camel mendpt ovation and shouts of delight from the idolaters as if Mark returned from the war with a glorious victory .
Mark said to the Prophet Saleh : “O Salih ! Camel has AMTI killed , just try to bring what you are saying will first threat when the camel was bullied , if you actually include the people who are too true in his words . ”

Nabi Saleh replied : ” I have warned you , that God is going to lose his doom on you if you interfere with the camel . Killing camels So with that then you will wait the arrival of the punishment that God has promised and talah I have to tell kamu.Kamu against God and accept tentanganmu later due unto God Nya.Janji will not get lost . You may exult and have fun for three days then please accept that deserves ganjaranmu on the fourth day . Such is the will of God and His taqdir not interchangeable delayed or prevented . ”

There is a possibility according to some commentators that God through His Prophet Nabi Saleh gave three days time to give it a chance , see if Mark made ​​aware of his sin and repent ask for forgiveness and believe in Prophet Saleh to his treatise .
However, in reality the entire period three days it was even the subject of ridicule to the Prophet Saleh is opposed to speeding the coming doom , and it should not be suspended three days.

Azab downs God Promised

Nabi Saleh told his people that God’s punishment will befall upon Mark will be preceded by signs , namely on the first day when Mark awoke to see Mark ‘s face is yellow and turns to red and black on the second day of the third day and on the day fourth came down the painful punishment of God .
Heard by the threat of punishment Nabi Saleh told his people group is a group of nine people to design a killer camel killing of Nabu Saleh threatened punishment precedes the arrival itu.Mrk Rahsia meeting and vowed to carry out the design with the murder at night , when people are still deep sleep to avoid prosecution countered by the blood of the Prophet Saleh family , if known identiti Mark as his killer . Mark this draft so it is unknown dirahsiakan and be heard by anyone except the nine men themselves .

When Mark came to the Prophet Saleh to carry out his evil design in the pitch-black night and silent – silent berjatuhanlah over their heads huge rocks are not known from which direction it came from and who immediately threw Mark on the ground in a state no longer alive . So God has His apostles protect the evil deeds of His servants who disbelieve .
One day before the day of doom predetermined drop it , with God’s permission Nabi Saleh departed with the faithful followers toward Ramlah , a place in Palestine , leaving Hijir and its inhabitants , Thamud perished , a terrible thunder overwritten in conjunction with the terrible earthquake .

In the story of the Prophet Saleh Al – Quran

The story of the Prophet Saleh told by 72 verses in sura 11 of which surah Al – A’raf , verses 73 to 79 , sura ” Hud ” verse 68 and verse 61 that sura ” Al – Qamar ” verse 23 so that verse 32 .

Lessons From The Story of Prophet Saleh a U.S.

Outstanding teaching are interchangeable learned from the story of the Prophet Saleh is that sin and unjust acts committed by a small group of citizens interchangeable negative consequences that destroy the whole society .
Look how Thamudic is destroyed , devastated and even wiped out of the earth because of sin and a violation of God’s command that carried out by a handful of killer camel Prophet Saleh AS
This is where the command is located in the wisdom of God that we do enjoining the good and unjust . Because by doing tasks enjoining the good and unjust that a fard kifayah it , at least if it does not succeed forbidding that occur in the community and our protection , we have freed ourselves from sin approve or condone the unjust actions

Passive indifferent to immoral and munkar were put forward as the eye can diertikan penyekutuan approval and unjust actions against it .

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