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The story of Prophet Lut and his people

 The story of Prophet Lut and his people                                                                                             Prophet Lut was the son of the Prophet Aaron , the brother of Abraham. Luth was chosen by God as the Apostle at the time of the Prophet Abraham is still alive , even Prophet Lut have accompanied the Prophet Abraham emigrated to Palestine . Thus , Prophet Lut get an education and many sacred teachings of his uncle .

Menceritahkan Allah and his people the story of Prophet Lut in the Qur’an sura al – Ankabut [ 29 ] : 26 ,

” And Lut believed in him and he ( Lut ) said : ‘ Verily I will emigrate to the way of Allah . Indeed He is the Mighty, All-Wise ”

Prophet Lut residing away from his uncle , Ibrahim Abraham in Palestine west , was the Prophet Lut in Jordan in the city of Sodom , the eastern end of the ground Urdun .

The Prophet Luth in Sodom would deny the existence of God . In addition , they also do a damned job . They do not want to marry women , but instead to love and marry the same sex ( homosexual ) . Such acts are acts that accursed and prohibited by religion . Allah describes this in al – Quran in surah as- Syu ` ara [ 26 ] :165 – 166 .

” Are you out of all creatures , approach men ? And you leave your wives whom the Lord has made ​​for you ? No, in fact you are a people who violate the boundaries ”

Da’wah Prophet Lut a U.S.
Kisah+Nabi+Luth+AS+ + The story of Prophet Lut + U.S.
Prophet Lut invites his people to believe in Allah swt and threaten their actions with punishment. Prophet Lut as saying , ” I am a messenger of God , then ye fear Allah and patuhlah you to command and ajakanku . I did not ask for any reward from you for the hint and the truth is I cry to you , but God alone who will reward me ” Read the rest of this entry »

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Story of Prophet Ibrahim a U.S.


abi Ibrahim is the son Aaazar ( Must to Go Historical ) Tahur bin bin bin Saruj Rau ‘bin Falij Aaabir bin bin bin Arfakhsyad Syalih bin Nuh ibn Saam He was born in a place called ” Faddam A’ram ” in the kingdom ” Babylon ” which at that time was ruled by a king named ” Nimrod bin Kan’aan . “
Kingdom of Babylon at that time including a prosperous kingdom , the people live happy , prosperous and all-sufficient in circumstances means that a growth in their life purposes . However, the level of their spiritual lives still at the level of ignorance ( ignorance ) . They do not know their Creator God who has given them all the worldly pleasures and happiness . Their offerings are the statues of their own carving stones or made ​​of mud and soil . Read the rest of this entry »

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Thamud is the name of a tribe which by some historians put part of the Arab nations and others classify them into the Jewish nation . They lived in a land called ” Alhijir ” lies between Hijaz and Sham were formerly colonized and controlled including Aad tribe who had perished in the  tornado swept sent by God as a retaliation for their defiance and denial of the mission and the minutes of the Prophet Hud AS

Prosperity and the luxuries of life and natural resources that once owned and enjoyed by the people of Aad had been inherited by the Tsamud.Tanah – fertile soil that yields abundant , animals and the fat cow breed , flower gardens beautiful – beautiful Yag , building houses built on level ground and dipahatnya of gunung.Semuanya it makes them live in peace , prosperity and bahgia , feel safe from any natural disturbance and bahawa luxuries they will eternal life for them and their children . Read the rest of this entry »

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