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Prophet Yusuf and Zulaikha – The woman interrupted her

The story of the Prophet Yusuf and Zulaikha

God Almighty strengthen the Prophet Yusuf as on earth . Having disposed disumur and sold in the market he then lived at the house of a man in power and Allah will teach him the dream interpretation . Day after day passed . Prophet Yusuf as was increasingly growing into adulthood . Yusus Prophet as God given ability to control a problem and he was told about the life and events of the event . He was also given the ability to dialogue that can attract the sympathy of those who hear . Prophet Yusuf as given glory so that it becomes the great personal and unmatched . His master knew that glorify Allah by the Prophet Joseph as her mengiim . He knew that the Prophet Joseph had honesty , honor, and constancy ( constancy ) over whoever he had ever encountered in his life. The story of the Prophet Yusuf and Zulaikha.
Kisah Nabi Yusuf dan Zulaikha
Meanwhile , Zulaikha or the wife of Al- Aziz mengaawasi Prophet Yusuf as always . She sat beside him and talk with him . He watched as the clarity of the eyes of the Prophet Joseph . Then she asked him and listen to the answers and as the Prophet Joseph . Finally , his admiration grew as the Prophet Joseph .

Al Qur an does not mention anything about how old she was and how old Joseph . We can observe it only by approximation . He presents Joseph when he was a child of the well . She is a wife who for example twenty- three years old , and he was thirty- six , while Joseph was twenty- five years . Are the events occurred in this age ? Perhaps rightly so . Woman’s actions in the incident and subsequent events showed that he wanira mature and quite daring . Events revealed by Al Qur an al us this is the culmination of events perisitwa ago . Read the rest of this entry »

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Ancestors of Prophet Ya’qub as the Children of Israel

Prophet Ya’qub as

A review of Islamic story about the story of Prophet Ya’qub as. He had a father and mother , his father named Prophet Ishaq ibn Ibrahim , while the mother is the brother of Abraham named Rifqah bint A’zar . Jacob was sent by God to be an apostle to be led his people to worship God . Jacob is an apostle in the country Kan’an . Menurur history , he sent in a village named Nsbulis . In that place he fished and also raise cattle . Prophet Jacob had a twin brother named Ishu , who was the second son of the Prophet ishak .
Cerita Nabi Ya’qub as Nenek Moyang Bani Israil                                                                                                                                                                                                        Prophet Ya’qub as the Children of Israel
                Prophet Ya’qub despised twin brother

But despite their siblings and even twins . Between Jacob and Ishu not be in harmony and peace , there is no affection between each other . Ishu even have a sense of resentment and envy in Jacob who is pampered , cherished and loved more by his mother . The relationship between the two semaking not good and the more tense moments after Ishu knowing that Jacob was requested requested prayer to God when his father asked his sons arrival . Read the rest of this entry »

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Story of Prophet Ishaq ‘Alaihissalam

Prophet Ibrahim whom she had a son of his wife Sarah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kisah nabi ishaq
After God gave to Abraham Ismail ‘ peace be upon the Prophet Ibrahim prayed to Allah Almighty Subhaanahu that given the child of his wife , Sarah ; wife who is always faithful to her in enforcing kalimatullah . And God answered his prayer and sent some angels in human form to convey the good news to him will be the birth of a child from his wife Sarah . They also tell their other goals , namely gone to the people of Lut to inflict doom them . Read the rest of this entry »

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